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Images of China in the American Films

Author LiuZuo
Tutor WangNing
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Journalism and Communication
Keywords American film Hollywood Chinese elements Orientalism Otherness stereotyped image
CLC J905
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Since the beginning of the21st Century, under the impact ofglobalization, intercultural communication has become more and morefrequent. Film is a kind of international artistic language. By transferringemotional information and outputting national cultures, film becomes oneof the most effective ways to promote international and culturalcommunication and plays an important role in forming a nation’s image.From the1990s up to now, along with China’s sustained growth of thecomprehensive national strength, those stereotypical bias due to politicaldisputes and ethnic or cultural discrimination seem to be graduallyreversing. The Chinese Wind is warming up continuously in Hollywood.The Chinese elements are becoming indispensable composition inHollywood movies, and Chinese faces gradually occupy a space inHollywood screen.With the improvement of screen image, the Chinese images as well asthe images of China in the eyes of westerners are getting better.However in the process of our further research, we find whether thepositive images of China or the negative ones, Hollywood movies whichdriven by the commercial profit has been always focusing on theself-image of American, it has always been providing the outstandingperformance for Americans. On the diversification of the world culturallandscape, the nation’s distorted image needs to be corrected. Differentnations and cultures should attempt to break stereotypes in the process ofcommunication. Therefore, the Chinese film producers should have a clearunderstanding and make positive efforts to self-reflection and enrichingthemselves. We should pay considerable attention to the combination ofinternationalization and localization. That is, we can shape the plurality ofscreen images during the cultural constructive communication with other nations and ethnics.The image of China in the American films provides a rich case in thestudy of intercultural communication between China and the United States,as well as of the East and the West. This subject also helps us to reflect onthe blind spot in the process of transnational “cultural similarities andcultural utility”.

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