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Chinese elements of Western interpretation in animation film "Mulan", "Kung Fu Panda" as an example

Author MiaoYaZuo
Tutor XieBaiLiang
School Chinese Opera Institute
Course Drama \u0026 Opera
Keywords Hermeneutics Chinese elements Animation film
CLC J954
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The film is the specific cultural product, which is a reflection of a country orregion’s cultural mirror. Cultural differences in different countries will be reflected inthe very nature of their movies. Therefore, analysis of the film is a very goodunderstanding of national cultural differences in different ways. From the east to thewest, Eastern and western national, learn from each other, the only way it is inwestern culture to regain vigor and new, is also the inevitable trend of two kinds ofcultural development. Although there are advantages and disadvantages in the filmperformance of two kinds of culture, but whether it is from the development of thetime, or the means of development, commercialization process and so on, without adoubt, the front end of western films are walking in the Chinese movie. But the mainaspect is not the above mentioned system, three of the surface of the phenomenon; butto dig deep cultural expression, cultural penetration is different, with a Westernhermeneutic theory from the point of view of physics is more intuitive, moresystematic display of western movies, how to step by step the use of Chinese elementsto convey the western culture and human rights, personal heroism.In the paper, the more important research significance lies on the phenomenon inthe interpretation of the above, to explore the future development road of Chineseanimation films, causes West conceives of diversified development of animation films,Chinese films in the specific context of learning from the successful case of westernculture on the road and finding constructive comments for Chinese films. The WesternAnimation Film "Mulan","Kung Fu Panda" Chinese cultural elements using theupgrade as a typical case analysis, to the western hermeneutics as methodology, pointsout that at the background of Chinese and Western culture, the advantage of WesternAnimation Film in the cultural influence and visual literacy spread, The organismfactors-element system to show the development of western movies, from a singlefilm "Mulan" to "Kung Fu Panda" series of films to the analysis of the entire filmsystem, Western Animation Film in Chinese elements using the characteristics andadvantages. As an expression of national culture, a special art and a television career whichhas a long history, Animation film has been in favor of many people in all ages, it hasmany specific audiences with the development of the times. By comparing andresearching the western and eastern movies, we could deepen the audiences’ feelingand exercise when watching the film; it is conducive to the West and East for learningfrom each other and to promote the development of animation film; on the other hand,it can also help the audience taking slightly different ethnic cultural charm,development is helpful to improve the culture communication and culture of the world.This paper from the Western Animation Film Culture on China’s interpretation of thispoint, hope for the development of Chinese animation movies play a role ofenlightenment.

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