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Study on Major Revolutionary Historical Theme Film and TV Drama in New Period

Author WangJing
Tutor ZhangJin
School Lanzhou University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords new period film and TV drama Major theme of revolutionaryhistory "Red theme"
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The paper is a study of the art of the new era of revolutionary historical themes TV drama, which under the guidance of the Marxist literary concept, using the "aesthetic point of view","human point of view" and "Historical Viewpoints" interpretive the new era of revolutionary history Movies and TV on aesthetic, cultural and social history. By the sample analysis on artistic style, the history of spiritual and aesthetic pursuit of the work summarizes the media features of the theme of the revolutionary history of film and television work since the late80s of the last century to the present. Make it is clear that the cultural responsibility of the revolutionary historical themes TV drama in the construct of the mainstream ideology of this period, and the shaping of the image of the country as well as to enhance national cultural soft power.So far, the richness and diversity is not a method or perspective can be completely covered by the mass media research. Because, as the art of film and television works of literature text, determine the researchers may not be completely from the literature and aesthetics and then enter the research of film and TV drama. This paper try to avoid starting from the simple analysis of experience of appreciation on the film sample, but consciously draw criticism narrative theory, theory of ideology, theory and method of "Cultural Poetics", to make it clear that this special movie type of artistic value and social significance by the matter of attempting to combine the theory and experience in the extract.The innovation of the paper is from the view of art fully affirming the value of the great revolutionary history theme film and television plays in the construction of national mainstream ideology, leading role of social advanced culture; From the perspective of historical development and social progress, make the comparison about value between the major theme of revolutionary history of movies and TV plays and other historical works, admitting the film cultural and artistic value change in driving technology and commercial interests, also to show the major revolutionary history theme creation is always taking Marx’s literary views and ideas as the basic standpoint, the "humanity" and "spirit" as the essential feature of the main line of thinking. Marx’s view of literature and art will be combined with the aesthetic and historical point of view as the highest standard of literary creation. The "Aesthetics" is a kind of realistic aesthetics principle, require artists to reflect the historical life, special rules to follow to create art, for the significant historical event to have the right attitude and the right to form beauty, artistic works great cognitive value and aesthetic value. Because the history is a process of human material practice; therefore, the "history of man" into the" man of history " and "aesthetic point of view", further emphasizes the history of man and his history of dialectical unity in the aesthetic characteristics of the text. Movie and television literature has "characteristics", to show the human world rich and colorful, major revolutionary history theme film and television work is no exception. People oriented, unity of aesthetic spirit, humanistic spirit and the spirit of history, it is the aesthetic value in the new period of major revolutionary history theme film and television drama pursuit.As the Chinese movie "the main melody" works, a major theme of revolutionary history because of its special ideology plays a leading and exemplary role in the film and television art production and the cultural production. Through the history of synchronic, from the historical dimension of the country as the mass outline and encourage the public collective struggle for national political ideal. Show the spirit of the times in the historical narrative, leading the spiritual value of the mainstream of society.On the specific cultural context the artistic text is also discussed, emphasizing the "text" and cultural context. Starting from the angle of acceptance of audience, put forward in the great revolutionary history theme movie creation,"red theme" classic adaptation is the major theme creation challenges; at the same time, in the development of mass culture prosperity today, in different degree of inheritance and innovation of elegant text type.Finally, the paper from the aesthetic requirements of the times and the needs of viewers around the art to enhance the quality and dedication to art historical task, in pursuit of "ideological, artistic, appreciation," the harmony and unity as the goal, from further enhance the creation of such Movies and TV drama major social significance and cultural awareness of the value, in practice, constantly absorbing history, communication studies, art, sociology and aesthetics of the outstanding achievements and scientific methods to improve the major theme of revolutionary history film theory level, learn from fiction, drama and poetry in the anti-linear narrative of artistic achievements, consolidate the classical realism of TV drama in the dominance of linear narrative and the promotion of a major revolution in historical themes creative team in the cultural and artistic vision constantly on four aspects of development to improve and perfect major revolution in historical themes TV drama necessity.

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