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The Study of the Digital Technology on the Affects of the Image Information Expression

Author ZhaoWeiLin
Tutor ChenLin
Course Educational Technology
Keywords Digital technology Image Image information expression Creation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the development of digital technology, the digital technology has been widely used in various fields of social. In the imaging field, the emergence of digital technology in the traditional image capture, production, synthesis, dissemination and presentation so great changes have been taken place. The development of the image is full of the opportunities and the challenges in the new situation. However, many problems facing the simple pursuit of special effects, monotonous work thinking, vulgar and so on. How to solve these puzzles, how to use digital technology to better the performance of the ideology of the film and television work, these issues put before us.In this paper, the research and analysis on the basis of research results at home and abroad, from the semiotic perspective of digital technology in the most basic elements of image effects, and addresses the digital technology in the creation of new symbols, the changes in the method of symbols as well as the digital technology on image color and so on. This article describes the digital technology, followed by the narrative structure of the image, including digital technology to enhance the visual language of narrative structure, digital technology and time dimension of the image dimensions of space. On this basis, the paper from the language of the rhetoric angle, discussed digital technology image language:image contrast, image exaggeration, image reconstruction. Finally, we talk the problems in the expression of the image information of digital technology, put forward the principle of image creation.This paper use literature research in article summarized and use the comparative method to talk the differences between the digital image technology creation and traditional image creation. The article from the technical level of abstraction to image language, tried to summary all digital image techniques to a variety of production effect of art, in order to inspire the film and television creators.

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