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Interpretation of contemporary China female oil painting works personality emotion

Author FengDan
Tutor LvHong
School Shenyang Normal
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Femal Art Individual Description Female perspective Contemporary Chinese Oil Painters
CLC J213
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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This paper mainly studies the contemporary Chinese women in oil paintingpersonality emotional elements, and interpret those personality element of theconnotative meaning.Western feminism theory foul in the 1970 s, then influencemore powerful, deep shock, resulting in many countries the rise of feminism.WithChina’s reform and opening up, western feminism theory also spread to Chinaevery field, among them, the contemporary Chinese oil painting art creation tocomplicate the orientation is a distinct influence country, it does not cause theChinese oil painting by the rise of female school, more make the contemporaryChinese women oil painting, present a bright female personalized emotionalelements, lead to art paintings reflect the obvious feminist art idiosyncratic,creation tendency and aesthetic characteristics.Since the reform and opening up every oil painting development period of womenview the creation of oil represents a different creation tendency and aesthetic features,but always running through the different period of women oil painting a clear contextfeature is the creation subject "individual character description of emotion", that is,women in the creation of the painter works trying to display their own survivalexperience, life and the state of emotional journey.And, this state is the descriptionof the individual tendency of The Times, by the 80 s, 90 s this tendency of thedistinctive and more individuation development. Even some "80", "90" ofwomen artists works described more female character plot of distinctpersonality, but also in the male artists to leave behind gradually the aestheticstandards, achieve the aesthetic creation "to the male to change" pursuit, and,these women artists from the Angle of view of the women with a whole newfemale’s unique image thinking mode to find oil painting art development road.After the reform and opening of China in cultural exchange collision period, allkinds of cultural value concept intertwined, for people practice provides all kinds ofnew practice the concept of choice, people’s age is constantly seeking new advocatingthe concept, continually adjust self value and values of the social orientation."Postmodern" become the contemporary different culture area ofmodern theme, "postmodern movie", "postmodern love", "postmoderntheology" etc become China’s whim of the hot topic and social concernthemes.Chinese women artists in this era background wave driven, break thetraditional ideas, began an arduous "self explore" of art of road.In the 90 s with hisfemale painter of ways to interpret and dismember the Chinese for women’straditional cognition. Artists in his work, the repeated explorations, concern with hislife, divulges emotions. For Chinese women’s liberation make significantcontributions. Not only is to personal emotional narrative is to the whole society, thepursuit of female interpretation.Women are the charm of human art forever topic. The development ofChinese women artists by multiple cultural influences, local culture to nurtureand widely used the impact of the culture, tradition and modern conflict, in sucha complex set of cultural system, women artists can bold picked up a brush tocarry on the artistic creation, reflect the contemporary Chinese women’s lifeand the emotion and value pursuit, on this I and self aesthetic description,emotional personalized course collects and induce, this is sort of aestheticpursuit individuation women reflect, the reason is western feminism theorydrive the result of artistic creation.This paper based on the works of contemporary Chinese women artistscomb form, the oil painting, the paper analyses the development of aestheticcreation phenomenon, summarized the painting art style of Chinese womenand art style of innovation in subject, show the aesthetic art creation motiveand unique female aesthetic value and aesthetic utilitarianism.

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