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Woman body interpretation of Angell and Freud's eyes

Author LiuZhuo
Tutor ZhuGang
School Shandong Normal University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Angell Freud female body Realism
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Due to the long-term social and cultural reasons, Western painting from the art source-ancient Greece and Rome, after the development of the Renaissance, to the establishment of theEuropean academic painting to modern art, female body painters love creation object. Fromrealistic painting analysis more intuitive performance painter of the female body in the eyes ofthe female body. Ingres and Freud are classical and two contemporary realist masters, Ingres ison behalf of the neo-classical in love with the perfect female body, pay attention to thecurvaceous lines and elegant form expression of female The worship of the human body is theclassical female body style (a beautiful, elegant, harmonious) and painting the form of a master.The formal beauty of the female body and Ingres, Freud was a prominent representatives ofcontemporary painters depicted real feel female body, the expression "Freud" personalizedlanguage, showing The distinctive modern spiritual nature.Ingres and the works of Freud, can also be viewed from the point of view of the femalebody a more profound experience to two masters at different times is how to treat the femalebody. Analysis of the similarities and differences between the differences of both aesthetics andartistic spirit, as well as pen female body painting style and artistic features of the female body inboth works. The full text of specific sections as follows:The first chapter introduces the importance of the female body in oil painting, social andcultural inequalities between men and women, women as "observation" and "observed" object isin the dominant position in Western painting nude art medium and long-term. A result, thewoman put myself as a King, the human desire nude painting has been met.Second and third chapters mainly from Ingres and Freud’s growth environment and personalexperience to analyze, Ingres was born in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the seeds ofcapitalism was emerging social needs of the Renaissance humanists spirit, Ingres influenced byRaphael’s inherited this tradition of classicism. In the creative process, Ingres has encounteredhis contemporaries and completely opposed to romanticism representative Delacroix sparksbetween the two, but this encounter and contradictions make Ingres more determined to pursueideal of beauty." Freud was born in the early20th century, social unrest and war frequently bringhis indelible memories. The early Freud influenced by Ingres indifference lines or strokes of late by the Bacon, Freud always in the performance of deep inside the most true to yourself. Ingresand the different experiences of Freud decided their eyes on the different attitudes of the femalebody.The fourth chapter is the focus of this article sections, the first analysis of Ingres andFreud’s painting style and features Ingres in the eyes of the female body is beautiful, the pursuitof classical beauty and Freud in the eyes of the female body portrayed through their own innerfeelings, and the pursuit of realism. Followed by artistic techniques such as modeling,composition, color and brushwork compare Ingres with the works of Freud, the female body, inorder to analyze and summarize both pen different female body. Finally, from the audience pointof view of the Ingres female human body female body in the United States "and Freud’s" ugly ",and thus the analysis of age changes in visual culture and aesthetic psychology.Ingres and Freud belong to the same style of realism, the study made by this duo from theperspective of women human style of painting and works, and also for the the contemporaryrealistic painting practice provides reference and guidance role.

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