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Image analysis of the works of Ma Yun

Author SunHui
Tutor YangYiJiang
School Yunnan Institute of the Arts
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Ma Yun language art Chinese painting
CLC J205
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Ma Yun is a many years of Chinese and Western painting fusion artists, so this papermainly through image analysis method, the Ma Yun oil painting works of art language to domore in-depth study; from two perspectives -- the western oil painting of Ma Yun theinfluence of language and Chinese painting painting of Ma Yun the influence of language onthe the works carried on the thorough analysis, thus better looking for the painting languagefeatures.This paper is divided into two chapters to discuss Ma oil painting language.The firstchapter of Ma oil painting art the geopolitical and painting are the context.The secondchapter from the space design, the color and composition of the three aspects of hispainting language analysis.First, from the shape of the plane, the space creation, the actualsituation relations, these three aspects of the works of Ma Yun modelling characteristicsanalysis; secondly to Ma Yun color paper color dreams will create a sense of color, form andtexture and brush portrait of three parts; the back from the screen layout of the odd risk,management the location and shape of black or white when, the contrast between taste andfeeling, painting combining composition four aspects to analyze Ma Yun composition.Ma Yun in early 2012 held his solo exhibition, in Yunnan Provincial Library Hall shows theartist about 40 painting works were drawn from life on the beautiful experience.The painter10 years dedicated to the art of oil painting language research, exploration of the westernpainting in financing, the Chinese painting and oil painting language combining forms.MaYun oil paintings with elegant style: the picture modeling spatial steady heavy, pleasantatmosphere; color of dream and reality, heavy performance; composition adventure, heavysentiment artistic characteristics.Ma Yun more than 10 years in the creation of oil paintings,art shows in the west a connected, both eastern and Western art is the art of body and thelife experience is described, the different forms of expression.

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