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Expression of spatial form and meaning of painting

Author WangWenYan
Tutor ZhaoQinGuo
School Shandong Normal University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords painting composition rational construction space form implication ofexpression grid mapping
CLC J204
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The composition is a painter of an active, creative activity, is a kind of rational construction.The composition is the painter through rational, conscious of the artist selected objectorganization arrangement, so as to achieve can articulate painters emotional thinking a kind ofartistic language. Artists operating in the picture, is not a simple random creation, but after overin his mind. The painter based in nature based on prototypes, into the rational ideas and emotions,The composition is an important aspect of the painting language, but also the importantembodiment of painting works of formal beauty. The composition is the embodiment of theartists on the screen the rational construction, mainly divides into the structure composition andstructure of two kinds of form of composition.Space construction is the main task and goal of the composition. The picture space layout isnot a real physical space layout, space of painting through the painters elaborate design and fullof vitality. This space is virtual, is artists into the imagination and the creation of visual space. Asa result of segmentation, contrast, displacement, stacked, juxtaposition and other factors form adifferent space layout, at the same time, because of people’s visual experience and spiritualexperience difference, the formation of rich connotation beauty.The artist through the conscious and organizational arrangements, according to their own toconvey emotion creating various form of composition.A different form of composition hasdifferent connotations beauty, some has stable and the beauty of balance, some rich complex plotbeauty, also some has smart active dynamic beauty, peace and harmony in the static beauty andsubtly elegant conformal beauty.Grid mapping is a special form of composition, more shows the painters subjectivecreativity and rational construction. The grid mapping is completely does not reappear nature ’strue form, and as a painter provides greater autonomy play space.This article mainly carries on the elaboration from four parts:The first part mainly elaborates the rational construction of screen painter, mainly dividesinto the structure composition and structure of two kinds of form of composition composition.The second part elaborated the picture space layout, and from the segmentation, contrastspace formed by the space formed by the displacement form, space, stacked to form space, the space formed by the juxtaposition of five aspects of screen space form factor.The third part from the five aspects are different form meaning, elaborated the estheticemotion expression.The fourth part is a special form of composition analysis, namely grid mapping space formand meaning expression. This is the key chapter of the text, in which the grid patternedimplication expression mainly from the subjective reconstruction idea expression, grandpolysemic information transfer, mental imagery spatial extension, symbols, visual impact fromfour aspects.The innovation point of this paper is to study mainly focused on the composition of thespace form and meaning of language composition, especially for the grid mapping space formand connotation expression in interpretation.By analyzing the composition form and meaning analysis, to further understand thecomposition language. In contemporary diversified artistic atmosphere, in-depth study of thesystem composition of the space form and meaning, to be engaged in painting and art theoryinnovation is a guiding role, it can make us better understand composition language aestheticvalue.

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