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The late Ming Dynasty calligraphy research

Author HuBo
Tutor XueZuoChun
School Nanjing Arts Institute
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Chancery script of late Ming dynasty Wu Men Stela visiting activitiesof Shanxi Province Jinshi of second year Tianqi Chancery script of early Qingdynasty
CLC J292.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Chancery in Qing dynasty is the focus point of calligraphy history study for a longperiod. However, the sudden rise of Chancery script in Qing dynasty was not anaccidental incident but deeply based on the Chancery script of late Ming dynasty. Yet,because the limitation of documents and other materials, the study of Chancery script oflate Ming dynasty has not been fully developed. The primary objective of this thesis is thediscussion about the calligraphy’s inter-activities in late Ming dynasty at “Wu Men” andShanxi province. Point out that the thrive of Chancery script at “Wu School” is related tothe tradition of seal cutting and philology, and also being benefited by the stela visitingactivities of Shanxi province. Secondly, this thesis use the calligrapher who is skilled inChancery script among the “Jin Shi” in1662as a center to draw an outline of therelationship between them and the two areas from the angle of Art association. Throughthe hardworking of these people Stela of Han dynasty and Chancery script graduallytransformed into a nationwide artistic delight. After given an integral pattern of Chanceryscript of late Ming dynasty this thesis shift its concerns to the transitivity characteristic ofChancery script in late Ming dynasty and the influence to Chancery script of early Qingdynasty. Indicate that the phenomenon of “Handling of brush”,” Structure of Hand Writing”and” The form” of Chancery script of late Ming dynasty have both the character ofMid-Ming and Early Qing style shows that transitivity style of Chancery script in late Mingdynasty is a preparation for the Qing’s promotion. The study of connecting link betweencalligrapher in early Qing and late Ming has also sustained the subject.

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