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Mascot Design in Visual Communication Design Semiotics

Author CaoYang
Tutor JiangSongRong
School Hunan Normal University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Visual Communication mascot design non-verbal symbols
CLC J524
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, the Olympic Games and a variety of large-scale games, the mascot solicitation of large-scale commercial activities, so that the mascot’s influence gradually expanded. It is a Goodwill Ambassador for the long-lasting links between businesses and consumers. Many functions, both the trademark, spokesperson, promotional sales in recent years has increasingly become an indispensable important component of the system of corporate CI, and more and more used in the corporate sales strategy and promotional activities. It understand the concept of just play the auspicious blessing, the role of traditional mascot of the trend Kat evil spirits essentially different in concept. With a clear purpose for the design of modern mascot, is the role of publicity of enterprises and products, improve the brand awareness of enterprises and to promote product sales for the sole purpose of marketing model, the specific use, if used properly, can even affect consumers’purchasing decisions. The role of marketing is to use a wide range of sales tools, and the market economy era, every consumer of the consumers are actually on the products he was interested in the role experience ". The emergence of the mascot is the result of consumer psychology depth of excavation. The graphic design is graphic symbols as a primary means of communication process is a process of creative visualization, symbolic thinking, according to the design intent of visual elements in the selection, transformation, combination of visual elements in organic association, coding so as to form a particular symbol system. Mascot Design as a symbolic phenomenon in the visual communication design, plays the role to communicate with people and culture, information.Mascot in the shape of an image while also shaping the life of an enterprise, as the spokesperson of the corporate image, modern mascot has always been around "Who am I" to expand the design. The unity of form and function of the main difficulties encountered in modern mascot design. Academia is generally believed that the traditional mascot is the origin of the symbol, semiotics in modern mascot design practice methodology significance has become very prominent.Non-verbal symbols is an important branch of semiotic research in recent years, it is also known as body language, body language. The body language is an important part of the symbol system, these special symbols are the building blocks of culture, the people inside the mental, emotional, etc. outside of the current media is a silent language. Intended to humanity is the unique characteristics of the mascot design, mascot design purpose is to let the corporate relations who feel the "perception of life. Gombrich once said:"The image of the three functions are:performance, to arouse and description, pointed out that the image has a strong evoke ability is superior to language. Also pointed out that only the interpretation of the image maker and the viewer’s interpretation is consistent image information can be accurately communicated."As a result, the mascot of the creative design process, the mascot of life to want corporate relations accurate perception, the need to fully grasp the body language of the good of mankind the silent elements, positive use of existing research results, build a good mascot design language. This article is actively studying the basis of body language as the representative of non-verbal symbols, the the mascot facial expressions, movements, apparel design, the hidden meaning of the study and discussion, some of the new direction of thinking on the Mascot Design.

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