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Interflow and Interactivity of Pop Art and Pop Design

Author DengXiaoHui
Tutor GuoXiaoZuo
School Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Pop art Pop design Popular culture Art and design Interflow andinteraction
CLC J505
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Art and design belong to different categories, and have a different purpose and meaning, but itdoes not mean that the two were interflowed by each other`s existence and development. In fact, inthe early stages of development of human society, art activities and design is integrated with therefinement of the social division of labor, which led to the professionalism of all subjects more andmore power, it caused art separated from the actual technical. Art and Design are separated, but thedesign is still regarded as an artistic activity, because of the use of design language follows the rolesof emphasising beauty that is practical all the time. That is why in the Western social, the industrialdesign is known as the industrial arts, advertising design is called advertising art. This shows thatthe design of this relentless pursuit of beauty decided the inherent way of artistic design. Arts hassuch a profound impact on the design, on the contrast, the art got lots of inspiration from design.Since the modern movement, the distance between art and design is shrinking, the new designconcept easily induced by the emergence of a new art form, and the emergence of new designconcepts can easily become a seed of the new art form. Art and Design always been combined tobecome a eternal topic, so either party can not leave each other to exist independently. Thedissertation through the analysing of the joint characters and amalgamation between POP Art andPOP Design to prove deeply the close relationship between them.After the mid-1950s, Western countries gradually entered the stage of affluent society.Because Pop Art and pop design is a genre of art and design in the context of this background. theyboth have similar concept, themes and performance practices in the same era background, the closerelationship of mutual influence have been made by the similarity in the variety of aspects. So thethesis is divided into four parts which are analyse the interflow and interaction between POP Art andPOP Design. The chapter1is introduction to the background of yielding and developing of Pop Artand Pop design, as well as describe the overview the same era background is the reason why theyare interflowing and interacting. After that, the chapter2compared and analysed both in conceptin a antitheses way, and got the conclusion that the theme and style are same. On the contrast, thechapter3deduce the fact in the process of their production and development, which based on theconclusion of the chapter2. Last but not least, The chapter4discussed the POP Art effect nowadays life in the developmental eyesight. At the same time, deeply proved that: thecombination of art and design is a never-ending dynamic process.The discussion of interaction and interflow between POP Art and POP Design in thisdissertation, expound the element of design in POP Art as well as the artist direction in POPDesign. So reveals the close relationship between art and design in the development process that isthe way about learn from each other meanwhile confirms the fact of Art and Design are indivisible.

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