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The Research on Relationship between the Symbols of Primitive Rock Carvings of the Juci Mountain and the Basic Mode of Residential Construction

Author HanZuo
Tutor JinZhiLin
School Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts
Course Fine Arts
Keywords The Juci mountain primitive rock Symbol Engraved vernacular architecture basic mode primitive culture and philosophy Architectural philosophy philosophy of culture symbol and symbol
CLC J525
Type PhD thesis
Year 2012
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“survive and reproduction”are the essential requirement of human development and theinstinct of all living creature in the universe.Therefore the consciousness of life and theconsciousness of reproduction has become the basic cultural consciousness of humandevelopment.Actually consciousness of reproduce is also consciousness of life and the theinfinite extension of life.All of that formate the Chinese chaos,Yin and Yang come from thechaos,all living things combined by Yin and Yang, things of life and growth in Chineseprimitive Philosophy.The Yin and Yang and life based on Chinese primitive philosophysystem, as the development of national culture gene from first to last throughout the wholeprocess of the development of national culture, and became a national group culture folk andculture connotation of subject.The entire Chinese nation, a cultural consciousness of a group, philosophy and nationalspirit. Like a tree, from the seven thousand or eight thousand years of the original ancientsociety has no fracture,it is a giant tree of life。This tree cross thousands of years until it isembodied in all of the social life。Building is the eternal embody of chinese nationalcosmology。Through the empirical research on the whole social life, belief taboo, life etiquetteand other aspects, it conclude that these symbols spread is most abundant in building.Through the research on the basic mode of vernacular architecture to understand the basicconnotation of primitive culture. The Juci Mountain--" holy mountain"," spirit mountain", isthe concentrated embody of human cultural genetic code.The Juci mountain primitive rockcarved symbols in primitive culture study has important significance.Taking Juci mountain primitive rock carved symbols and architecture basic mode as theresearch object, through the Juci mountain primitive rock carved symbols and architecture basic mode empirical study record, analysis and study, trying to interdisciplinary study basiccategory theory of science and cultural anthropology.Using the primitive culture andphilosophy theory and Chinese vernacular architecture philosophy combined with the basicprinciples of semiotics, this paper research and analysis the Juci mountain primitive rockcarved of symbols in the primitive cultural significance, as well as the basic mode ofresidential architecture in primitive culture and philosophy embodied。with picture analysisingprimitive rock carved of symbols and vernacular architecture basic mode makes a research onthe relationship between the common and different embodiments of symbols.The papercombine the cultural symbols and philosophy with the design of International rock art expocenter, applied research on design concept analysis and program design of Central ChinaInternational Painting Exhibition Center.Finally the cultural symbols and philosophy ’sgenetic code is presented. Cultural symbols and Philosophy genes codes Living heritage to allsocial life and a new topic for the development of human culture is presented too.

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