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Comparative study of animal image

Author Kokombaev Adilet(ADiLieTe)
Tutor ZhuJuXian; GaoBingBing
School Northwestern University
Course Chinese International Education
Keywords Russian and Chinese culture images of animals symbolic meanings
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Russia and China, having splendid cultures, are among those oldest nations in the world. When people are trying to create something and know themselves, they are inclined to combine their ideas with creatures in nature via fabulous imagination and often to attach some symbolic meanings with them. And these two nations are of no exceptions. They own many different kinds of animals and the characteristics they have attached to these animals are very representative.In recent years, Russia and China have a frequent contact with each other. Every year there are many Chinese and Russia students who go to each other’s country to learn their language. But the cross-cultural communicators tend to think and learn based on their own nation’s thinking-patterns, which are easy to set obstacles for effective communications and to make misunderstanding. Therefore, while learning their language, one has to know something about the target nation’s culture and the basic difference between this nation and others.This paper is to discuss the cultural characteristics of Russia and China and to analyze the difference and similarities of their national psychology on the basis of discussing the images of these two nations’animals. For the images of Russia and China’s animals, there are different cases. For some animals, their symbolic meanings are quite the same; for some, are different; and for some, are particular. And this paper is going to compare Russia and China’s animals’ images from several aspects while taking advantages of the research findings of the scholars in both nations, which will help to foster cross-cultural communication and understanding.

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