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Study on early party contact link - Rome Empire

Author WenShanShan
Tutor YiZhaoYin
School Shanghai Normal University
Course World History
Keywords ancient Rome empire feasts social functions
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This thesis is a study of the Roman feasts in the early Roman empire. It attempts todiscuss what roles the Roman feasts have played in the society during the Principateby examining the types and features of the feasts. There are four chapters. The firstchapter introduces the background of Rome in the early Empire, illustrating that aseries of new changes, including social, economic and political changes laying afoundation for the rise of the feasts. Meanwhile, this chapter makes a brief overviewof the eating habits of Romans, the development process of Roman feasts and feaststypes during the early Roman empire. Chapter two, chapter three and chapter fourexplore the Roman feasts from three aspects respectively, that is privately sponsoredfeasts, social and public feasts and emperors’ feasts. The second chapter investigatesfeasts in the private sphere, revealing that the feasts carrying the important socialfunction to facilitate the communication between individuals. The third chapter showsthe vital roles the feasts have played in maintaining social stability, creating the senseof identity and cohesion by studying the social and public feasting—religious festivalsand specific associations’ community. The last chapter makes a discussion aboutemperor’s feasts, demonstrating which have an effect on easing class contradictionsand maintaining the reign of the Emperors.The various feasts in the early Roman empire and frequent feasting activities not onlyexpress the Roman pursuit of life enjoyment, but also strengthen the links betweenindividuals. Due to the large feasting activities, the ancient Roman state and societybecome closer and more harmonious to a certain extent. It can be concluded that tosome extent, feasts also contribute to the pax Romana.

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