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Alcibiades and the Parties of Peloponnesian War

Author LiBiChuan
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Keywords Alcibiades Peloponnesian War Athens Sparta Persia
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Year 2013
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Alcibiades who was born in the middle of the fifth Century B.C and died at the end of the century was an unusually famous man in the history of the ancient Greek. The Greek mainland and the whole Mediterranean area were changed deeply in his time. Alcibiades was just the one who was a witness and participator. Researching the distinctive personality and the legendary life of Alcibiades who was regarded controversially was always an academic focus by scholars. No matter ancient scholars and modern scholars, they agreed that Alcibiades had a great impact on the progress of the Peloponnesian War coincidently, but diversely about the evaluation on him.The second half of the fifth Century B.C was a period that the Greek civilization almost culminated and then began to decay. The Persian forces were restricted on the eastern Asia Minor area after the Persian War. Though the Persia still had a strong impact on the Greek mainland, the most crisis to the Greek civilization was the war threat which would be brought by the confrontation between the Delian League headed by Athens and the Peloponnesian League leaded by Sparta. Athens and Sparta which were the backbone of resisting the Persia strengthened their forces after the Persian War, meanwhile the smaller poleis attached themselves to the two Superpower increasingly in the Greek mainland. As a chief commander of Athens, Alcibiades joined the resulting Peloponnesian War and led the army to the Sicilian Expedition, but finally being forced to defect from Athens because of his law case. It brought a great loss to Athens. Though Alcibiades came back to Athens as a victor and liberator later, the citizens of Athens abandoned him again, thus making a double tragedy of Athens and Alcibiades finally.

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