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African Businessmen in China on the Background of Relationship between China and Africa

Author JieXi
Tutor JiangHengKun; MaEnZuo
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course World History
Keywords African Businessmen Trade Activity Guang Zhou Yi Wu
CLC K405
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The friendship between the peoples of China an Africa has a long history of economic and trade exchanges between the two sides can be traced back to the Tang and Song Dynasties. Coupled with the continued warming of Sino-African relations in recent years more and more African traders into China the pursuit of their dream of gold. They purchase cheap Chinese goods shipped back to their own countries to sell high profit from the difference in African enterprises to invest in China from the perspective of the development in recent years, more and more areas of investment have also expanded, from the initial simple commodity trading start-up garment factories and foreign trade companies in China; from the wig industry, life goods industry to the catering industry and handicrafts, and grow rich businessmen in China and Africa grows ever wider.In China, the Africa traders crowded in some of the larger cities, like Shanghai, Beijing, Guang Zhou and other places, of which Guang Zhou is the first choice for African businessmen to do business in China has basically formed a considerable scale, and in Guang Zhou, such as Guang Zhou "Chocolate City" for Africans, are full of infinite temptation. Guang Zhou has become the nation’s largest merchant colonies in Africa, up to now has been about100,000resident African traders. Zhejiang Yi Wu International Commodity City,"have been expanding and perfecting its reputation is growing, the contact between China and African trade glittering".Therefore, this paper chose Guang Zhou and Yi Wu, two representative of the city as the entry point for business in China and Africa, in order to spy on the whole China and Africa businessman living in China and trade situation. The one hand, China’s African business to promote Sino-African non-governmental exchanges and the China-Africa economic and trade relations made a great contribution; the other hand, encounter many practical problems in China and Africa businessman, including the identity of the visa and local residents, marriage and family and so on.The simple view on the situation of African traders in Guang Zhou and Yi Wu in China, between them there are also significant differences. Therefore, not only do the overall status of businessmen in China and Africa are analyzed in detail, but also introduced the Guang Zhou business model and the Yi Wu business model, and both the similarities and differences. This will not only help to capture the overall situation in China and African businessman, also contribute to a comparative study of different parts of the African businessman. Domestic and foreign businessmen in China and Africa to grasp, and my tutor in Guang Zhou and Yi Wu month-long site visits and research, to gasp their operations and living conditions first-hand research data, a true understanding of their all aspects of life in China, from macro to micro, from theory to practice, profound gasp of the direction and the theme of this study.The introduction part of this paper expounds the thesis topics in accordance with relevant domestic and international status and significance. The first chapter from the overall overview of the overall situation of China-Africa trade relations has developed, including historical review of the China-Africa trade relations, trade structure, labor cooperation and the existing problems. The second chapter analyzes the overall situation of Africans in China, an overview of the experience of the evolution of African groups in China, respectively, from the size of the Chinese Africans, constitute characteristics of the three aspects of; and then a concrete analysis of participation African business activities, including country, age, gender, education level and other aspects.Chapter African traders in Guang Zhou and Yi Wu in China, for example, first introduced on the overall operations and living conditions of African businessmen of two cities, then the operating environment for African businessmen in different cities, living arrangement, visa issues, and so do a detailed analysis, and finally the case of the two made a comparison of these similarities and differences.The fourth focuses on factors that promote and restrict the business activities of the Africans in China, and put forward some policy recommendations to the Chinese government. I believe that the genetic relationship, the karmic relationship to promote business activities in China Africans, while the financial crisis and industrial upgrading in the Pearl River Delta, the improvement of investment environment in Africa is to carry out business activities in China African constraints.Only African traders in Guan Zhou and Yi Wu and the trade are placed in the backdrop of the Sino-African relations, in order to better understand their culture and living conditions. Excellent international political and economic environment, China-Africa cooperation will be closer.

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