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The Nixon Doctrine and the Transformation of the Global Expansion Strategy of the United States

Author LuDaoPing
Tutor MengHaiQuan
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course World History
Keywords the Nixon Doctrine the United States global expansion expansion strategy transformation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The Nixon Doctrine is an important policy in American diplomatic history. Sincethe end of World War II, the United States entered the era of global expansion. TheNixon doctrine, in the premise of continued global expansion strategy, changed theprevious direct armed intervention and armed aggression expansive strategy, havinga milestone meaning.The connotation of Nixon Doctrine is very important to accurately understandit. It was originally Guam Doctrine, mainly aiming in Asia; its direct purpose isto end the war in Vietnam. Later, the Nixon government enriched, perfected andpopularized it, thus becoming the Nixon Doctrine. Since then, it became the globalforeign strategy of the United States of America. This new global diplomaticguideline features three pillars of "partnership","strength" and "negotiations",but only "partnership" is the core of the Nixon Doctrine.According to traditional view in the academic circle, the Nixon Doctrine is theperformance of foreign expansion strategy of the United States. This paper, basingon a thorough connotation analysis of the Nixon doctrine, expresses a different pointof view, i.e. the essence of the Nixon Doctrine is the transformation of Americanglobal expansion strategy. Namely, allies of the U.S. share defense and Americafoster area agents. The so-called strategic contraction is at the maximum a resultcaused by the transformation of the expansion policy, in order to reduce the chancesof U.S. directly participating wars, and transfer the strategic center. On a globalscale, the Nixon Doctrine still pursuing expansionist policy and it is not strategiccontraction of the United States.It seems that failure of the Vietnam War directly leads to the formation of theNixon Doctrine. But in essence, the economic globalization and the politicalmulti-polarization are the root causes of the Nixon Doctrine. Thus, the NixonDoctrine published so far, has been the basic strategy of global expansion of theUnited States of America.The text is divided into three chapters. The first chapter expounds theinternational and domestic background of the Nixon Doctrine, aiming to reveal thefundamental causes and direct causes of its formation. The second chapter discussesthe formation process of the Nixon Doctrine, focusing on beating out the essenceof the Nixon Doctrine. The third chapter deals with the implementation of the NixonDoctrine, disclosing its deep influence still lingering on.

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