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The Study of Administrative Division of Zhao Kingdom in Western Han Dynasty

Author LiJianJun
Tutor QinJinCai
School Hebei Normal
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Zhao Kingdom of Western Han Dynasty The Revolution of AdministrativeAreas The County The Marquis Country
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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To be studying history, it must have a macro understanding of the era of geographicalresearch. Only if we have surmounted this basis, is that to better study history to clarify thecontext of historical events, is that to grasp the direction of historical development, and is thatto arrive at a correct, detailed, objective historical truth. Historical Geography is continuingwith the past and opens up the future subject, which is evolved on the basis of the AncientChinese History Geography. Historical Geography, involving many aspects, which is thebasis of the evolution of geography, is the most important subject today. This paper will baseon Administrative Region History and clear the administrative division of Zhao Kingdom inWestern Han Dynasty.In this paper, Zhao kingdom that is accorded in “Hanshu Dilizhi” includes Zhaokingdom, Changshan kingdom, Zhongshan Kingdom, Zhending Kingdom, Julu County,Guangping County, Qinghe county, Hejian kingdom, Xindu kingdom and the part of Weicounty and Bohai county in the fourth year of Kao-ti of Western Han Dynasty.The Paper is divided into four parts.The first part introduction of the paper introduces the topic selection significance and themethod of works and the academic historical review.The second part of the paper introduces the evolution of Jing Di three years ZhaoKingdom in Western Han Dynasty.The third part of the paper argues the evolution of every county of Zhao Kingdom withthe sequence of counties.In this chapter, we emphasis on the evolution of countyadministrative units of every county of Zhao Kingdom to show the situation of the evolutionof counties of Zhao Kingdom, and we will find process of gradually enhanced control by thecentral government of the Western Han dynasty on the local counties. Each county of thischapter is divided into two parts, we will mainly proof the situation of the evolution ofcountyies of Zhao Kingdom in the first part and the situation of the evolution of countyadministrative units in the second part.The last part of the paper gives administrative regions of Zhao Kingdom in variousperiods.

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