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The Lord Mayor of

Author LiXing
Tutor XuWeiMin
School Northwestern University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Nei Shi Jing Zhao Ying Responsibility Administrative Region Affiliate Counties
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Jing Zhao Yin is a special political concept of the Han Dynasty (220B.C—ad220years). It was not only one of the most important officials, but also the core administrative region during that period. Until now, scholars have researched quite a lot about San Fu, or the Three Auxiliary Region, of which Jing Zhao Yin was an important part. However, few of them have singled out Jing Zhao Ying as his subject. This article is meant to fill this vacant.Jing Zhao Ying, which existed throughout the Han Dynasty, was inherited from Nei Shi of the Qin Dynasty(221-206B.C) and its history can be traced to the Shang(1600—1046B.C) and Zhou(In the middle of the Eleven Century B.C—256B.C) Dynasties. At the same time, it also remained their dual-feature of both central and local authorities. Jing Zhao Ying was established in104B.C and abolished in the Three Kingdoms Period(220-280A.D), when Wei Wen Di degraded it to a average provincial level authority.As a ministerial level official, Jing Zhao Ying’s responsibilities can be classified into two categories:one of regional authority in charge of the capital and the vicinity, the other of officials of the central government, deliberating and giving advice to central government’s decisions. During the Later Han Period(25-220A.D),as Chang’an was no longer the capital of the empire, the status of Jing Zhao Ying was just as any other provinces. But, due to the constant wars with the Qiang people, this region, because of its proximity to the border, was given a growing military function.The administrative area did not change in the Han Dynasty, the major adjustment being the establishment of the Hong Nong prefecture. Generally speaking, the area of Jing Zhao Ying is roughly equals to the Nei Shi of the Qin Dynasty, but the number of its affiliated counties changed occasionally.The probe into the responsibilities and administrative areas of Jing Zhao Ying shed new light to the importance and influence of the institution in that historical period.The elaboration of Jing Zhao Ying as after the Han Dynasty can draw a simple picture of the relation between Jing Zhao Ying of the Han Dynasty and the Prefecture of Xi’an of the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644A.D)

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