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Research Xi Chuan Zhen Tang Dynasty

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Jian Nan Jie Du was formally established in717.From the year725JianNan JieDushi who had the title of the InvestigationCommissioners(采访使) for a long time and mastered the military andcivil affairs. The region where he governed first appeared the militaryand political integration on the Tang Dynasty. After the An ShiRebellion,the JianNAan region filled with all kinds of contradictions andturmoil. In order to prevent a new source of chaos, the JianNan was firstdivided into Xichuan, Dongchuan on the February761. Because of theJianNan situated at the frontier and resisted the TuBo and NanZhao,Tang Government merged XiChuan with Dongchuan in764. After YanWus death, Guo Yingyi succeed Yan Wu as a Military Commissioners (节度使)of Jian Nan. Because GuoYingyi committed a blunder, he causedinternal conflict. Cui Han killed Guo YingYi and mastered this region.Tang Dynasty divided JianNan into XiChuan and DongChuan again.In766the Tang government appointed Du Hongjian as MilitaryCommissioners of XiChuan, which was the sign that Xichuan wasformally established. For the purpose of defense and appease allies,XiChuan had been split to a new town. After Liu Pi rebellion, some statesalso allocated to the DongChuan.But in the end of the Tang Dynasty,XiChuan’s important states remain in the region. This way maintainedthe integrity of the political area. After the An Shi rebellion, XiChuanspopulation seriously loss. However, the majority of the population is notfar from the residence.Once the social stability, a large number ofdisplaced persons came back. Population of XiChuan in the late Tangreached one million. XiChuan’s forces maintained30000-50000for along time. In order to resist Nanzhao‘s invasion, XiChuan’s troops surgedup to more than100,000in the end of the Tang Dynasty. There are twomain sources of XiChuans army: soldiers recruited from the local and foreign troops. The latter enormously impacted the XiChuan.XiChuan inherited the main part of the JianNan and Tang governmentcontinued to pay attention to this region. Government carefullyselected Military Commissioners of XiChuan and paid attention toconsider the person if worked XiChuan or had XiChuan life experience.Court also attach importance to the appointees of Xichuan’s membersof the provincial staff.845years ago, members of the provincial staff ofXiChuan was twelve, after845years of adjustment still ranking the town,regardless of adjustment before or after adjustment different from thegeneral Province. At the same time the court also wanted to controland took precautions against XiChuan.For example, defense facilitiesof States are imperfect for a long time. Using the public opinion of "armyof Sichuan were fragile" to suppress Xi Chuan local recruitment ofsoldiers and this is an excuse for the Northern army to SiChuan. Foreigntroops came into SiChuan was the way of controlling Xi Chuan. Anotherway of rule the Xi Chuan was appointment of Military Commissioners ofXichuan, most of which were civilian. Most JieDushi submitted to thecentral and obeyed the central arrangement. Making use of otherFanzheng checked the Xichuan was one of the most importantways.Dongchuan and ShanNanDongdao were the closest Provincewith the Xi Chuan, which checked XiChuan’s external links. Thepresence of large number of troops on these roads, formatted theconstraints of Xi Chuan. When Xi Chuan suffered offensive of Nanzhaoand Tibet, Provinces also helped XiChuan. By all means the Tanggovernment maintained the control of Xi Chuan for a long time. Thisaffected the views of the Tang Dynasty toward XiChuan, which beregarded as “non-rebellion-land”. Xi Chuan also revolted imperialcontrol and seeked expansion. This mainly reflected onthe thecontrolSanchuan,which Consisted of three Province,namely XiChuan,DongChuan,ShanNanDongdao. Liu Pi and Chen Jingxuanwanted to control SanChuan, and ultimately led to conflict with thecourt and failure. Wang Jian seized Xi Chuan and integrated Sanchuanby virtue of the strong strength of Xi Chuan. Finally he got rid of thecontrol of Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty lost control of Xi Chuan, therebylosing control of SanChuan and ultimate demise.

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