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1980-2000 domestic Xi Xia research process - published in the three issue of Ningxia Xixia research papers as an example

Author YangHanZhao
Tutor HanXiaoMang
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords 1980to2000 Ningxia three periodicals Xixia study characteristic reasons
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Social science in Ningxia, Journal of Ningxia University, Journal of Ningxia Teacher’s University,is the famous periodicals in the domestic Xixia study. Twenty years from1980to2000. Total of402papers published by Ningxia three periodicals. In the example of during twenty years published papers of Ningxia three periodicals is of great significance to domestic Xixia study.This master scientific dissertation include five chapters.The first chapter is introduction. First, this thesis in example of during twenty years published papers of Ningxia three periodicals introduce the academic history of domestic Xixia study form1980now on. Secondly, this paper in example of during twenty years published papers of Ningxia three periodicals Xixia study during twenty years, and sort out these research result characteristics and cause from research point of view, research method, research result and researchers, in oder to achieve learning form history and facing the future objective. Finally, introduce the way of writing, the reference data, the difficulties encountered and the solutions.The second chapter introduce the situation of Ningxia three periodicals Xixia study.Section I of this chapter will be published twenty years the outcome of the Xixia study from a macro perspective and each of theses three periodicals in two parts on the domestic issue of classification of the Xixia study twenty years of research results produced.Section II of this chapter in the example of macro perspective with three periodical categories, use the ten categories,e.g. literature and language study of Xixia(Tangut), the political study of Xixia,introduce the situation of domestic Xixia study during twenty years.The third chapter mainly in the example of during twenty years published papers of Ningxia three periodicals.The study of perspective in the study of the research point, methods, results, researchers, research institutions five aspects of the characteristics by a summary.Section I of this chapter mainly about research point of view characteristics. There are five aspects of the research point characteristics. First, cover a wide point of these study. Second, the research view is not average. Third, there are many article about humanities and social science, the natural article less. Forth, the translate form Tangut language code " Tiansheng Laws " is become the main resource of study. Finally, there are many articles of use the modern perspectives on the history research of Xixia.Section Ⅱ of this chapter mainly about research methods characteristics. There are three characteristics. First, many authors use to occupy the mainstream of traditional historical method of textual criticism.Second, in the process of Xixia study, many articles using a single method, the lack of comprehensive analysis. Finally, the use of interdisciplinary methods were not seriously.Section III of this chapter mainly about research result characteristics. There are five characteristics. First, there are many papers about fill in the academical blanks. Second, the regional research papers more. Third, there are many basic research papers, the applied papers less. Forth, some article or academical point of view published repeatedly. Fifth, the non-academical articles of include rich academical information were not seriously.Section IV of this chapter mainly about researchers. The paper chooses seventeen typical academicians during twenty years of domestic study of Xixia divide ten teams introduce their main achievements and disadvantages. The twenty years of domestic Tangut study scholars published these papers shows that famous scholars publish many articles, but other scholars or young scholars publish papers less. Until the late1990s, some young scholars have joined the study of Xixia filed, enriched the field staff.Section V of this chapter mainly about the characteristic of research institution. In this paper, author introduce some research institutions in the Ningxia province showed scattered from academic research institutions to integrate research and development trends, both the existence of information among agencies and the complementary point of view, but also staff and results of the competition there, but basically these institutions work together to promote the domestic development of the Xixia study.The four chapter mainly about the reasons.Section I of this chapter discussed the impact of domestic situation and the mainstream ideas to domestic Xixia study.Section Ⅱ of this chapter the characteristics from the perspective of developing discipline of the Xixia that "inherent acquired restricted" and subject characteristics of the study twenty years of domestic Xixia has a very important influence. Section Ⅲ of this chapter mainly discussed that impact from geographical features, editing and proofreading tools of published from Ningxia three periodicals to domestic Xixia study.Section Ⅳ of this chapter mainly discussed impact of the scholar’s academic background and interests in terms of twenty years to the domestic the Xixia study.The conclusion is five chapter.Section Ⅰ of this chapter mainly discussed the Ningxia three periodicals during1980-2000domestic study of the historical status of the Xixia that the twenty years of academic research in the country of the Xixia research process has a "inherit fine tradition and usher in the future mission" status.Section Ⅱ of this chapter from the horizontal to the1980-2000national study of the Western Xia and Dunhuang studies were compared, the two disciplines in the context of historical development, research methods have many similarities, very comparable space. By comparison, the time period of the study compared to the Western Xia Dunhuang studies, there are still some way away.Section Ⅲ of this chapter based on twenty years of study of the domestic process of the Xixia various discussions in the21st century to make a study of the Xixia domestic outlook, and that, on the road to development continue to review academic history, lessons learned, for the further development of the Xixia school of great significance.

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