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The Study on Li Qingchen

Author LiLing
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Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Li Qingchen Wang Anshi political reform Shaosheng Shaoshu theliterature of Song Dynasty
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Year 2012
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Li Qingchen was born in1032and died in1102.His another name was Bangzhi. He hadborn at Linqing city of Daming prefecture (now the city Linxi of Hebei prefecture). The6thyear of Huangyou, Song Renzong (1053), Li Qingchen passed an imperial examination asbeing a jinshi, holed the post of sihucanjun in Xingzhou (now the city Xingtai of Hebeiprefecture).After that, he was transferred to Hechuan (in the southwest of Qinyuan, Shanxiprovince) as a county magistrate. The2nd year of zhiping, Song Yingzong (1065), he passedimperial examination, granted to Mishilang and Qianshu Panguan of Pingjiang (now the citySuzhou of Jiangsu prefecture). For Ou Yangxiu recommending, Li Qingchen promoted toJixian Xiaoli and was responsible for Taichang Liyuan.At the beginning of Wang Anshi political reform period, He was appreciated by theassistant administrator, Han Jiang. The3rd year of Xining,(1070), Han Jiang depart fromgovernment and demoted to the commissioner of Shanxi, Li Qingchen holed the post ofprincipal Secrecy Bureau of Shanxi subsequently, The following year, was demoted to Tonganof Huizhou(today Gansu Qingyang),he was demoted to Tongpan of Haizhou(Today theSouthwest of Lianyungang city,Jiangsu). Thereafter, he had as an Investigator, awaitingHamlin Academician, Ministry of personnel, Deputy prime minister etc.; enter into thetop-drawer zone of the governing class.The3rd year of Song Zhezong, proportioned to prime minister, for opposing to YuanyouGenghua event, The queen mother Gao who attended to state affairs behind the bamboocurtain dislodged him from the imperial government, he worked in Mengzhou (todayMengzhou Henan), Henan(today Luoyang Henan), Yongxing(today Xi’an Shanxi)Zhending(today Zhengding Hebei) and other.After Song Zhezong presided over the court, Li Qingchen promoted to vice minister. Thespring of Yuan you ninth year (1094), he framed test of final imperial examination, leaded theimperial examination candidate attacking the politics of Yuanyou. Call on resuming Xifengnew politics of Shenzong. and started the new politics called “Shaosheng Shaoshu.”. After theresignation of Fan Chunren, Li Qingchen started to take charge of state affairs, carried out Qingmiao and Mianyi policies over again. Then Zhang Chun promoted to vice minister, theywere usually at odds over politics, Li Qingchen was pushed aside, and he was degraded toMagistrate of Zhending. After the enthronement of Huizong, he was recruited to court,appointed a Ministry of Rites, vice minister. For he was supplanted by vice minister Zengbu,he was demoted to grand secretary, Magistrate of Daming, and stayed behind in Beijing. Then,he died in his position.Not only was Li Qingchen the true man in the late North Song Dynasty, But also avexatious literature. As early as in the Qingli, Jiayou period, He appealed literary renovationand political innovation actively, written out twenty-four argumentum such as《Yi lun》,《Chunqiu lun》,、《Qin lun》《,Tan lun》《,Wu Dai lun》,and twenty-four plan such as《Yiguance》,《Yixin ce》,《Yibing ce》,《Fayuan ce》. His article dealer with Ancient and modern,times with much talent and knowledge. Ou Yangxiu celebrated as “Su Shi’s like”, Han Weipraised for being slightly similar to Xun Qing. Everyone thronged to peruse once his articlecome out.《Dali Temple》and《The City》which were written during the period of SongShenzong, were famous for grand and grandiosity.As a result of Li Qingchen’s collections of poems and essays-《-Qi water collection》hadbeen lost, some scholars who had a long-term studies of politics of Song Dynasty ignored itspolitical role, Li Qingchen is not noticed, even its origin has been mistaken inAnyang,Henan. Therefore, this article tries to collect historical data, on Li Qingchen’spolitical career, political ideology, literary achievements and other aspects for in-depthresearch, evaluation on the historical position of the fair objectively.

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