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Chenchun "Destiny" and "Human Being" Way the Thought

Author MaoKai
Tutor LiYuJie
School Chongqing Normal University
Course Specialized History
Keywords ChenChun "Neo-Confucian Terms Explained" "Destiny"and "HumanBeing"way through
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In China for over two thousand years of history of Confucianism,the idealistphylosophy is a very important time,a lot of people here,the glitz and glamour。Amongthem is particularly important to the upcoming Zhu-zi,in China’s status in the history ofupcoming Zhu-zi need not wordy,all who read is informed。Study and research of theupcoming Zhu-zi what experts and scholar,about the upcoming Zhu-zi works and thethesis also very much;The depth of the upcoming Zhu-zi interpretation and widespread,is the epitome of many scholars effort and after wisdom,but for Zhu Xi’sthought and its ultimate research is a weak links,to do the research and its ultimate zhuxi’s thought,contributes to promoting the ideological and theoretical system of theupcoming Zhu-zi,help the comprehensive and perfect the delicate,to grasp theupcoming Zhu-zi thought。ChenChun namely is ignored a Zhu Xi’s ultimate,ChenChun hisself and thoughtless work, but ChenChun for the development of the upcoming Zhu-zi has not generallythe important role。ChenChun in Zhu Xi’s ultimate, pay attention to ask debate,askingstudy in ZhuZi, has been awarded the"root the original"two words,thus to principles ofthe category and theory of the construction of the deep standard of interpretation。ChenChun thought development course,and follow studying in Zhu Xi’s areclosely related,from devotion to the imperial inheritance of for"saints learning"to,ZhuXi’s enlightenment played an important role。When ChenChun asked to learn,ChenChun began to pay close attention to"philosophical meaning",afterwards andstressed the need to its more do"practice"of time,thus laid a ChenChun basic’s learningtime because,for the following ChenChun mature and complete confusing project,forflow reasoning, and throughout the prudent, at the end of the agent bythe"Neo-Confucian Terms Explained "have laid a good foundation。Study good ChenChun and their representatives work,to the understanding of the upcoming Zhu-zi,interpretation,and construction is an important content。A school,a kind of thought extensive grand is big meteorological university asked,but forbeginners,however,is not necessarily a good thing。ChenChun as the ultimate Zhu-zi,through to the upcoming Zhu-zi laboured at meditation,expounded and construction,in the upcoming Zhu-zi from of the thought system under the basic pattern,the pellucidabout upcoming Zhu-zi system interpretation,and both carry the upcoming zhu-zidevelopment,and make the ChenChun their fixed and added。The author of the ChenChun to the north brook meanings about"Destiny"and"Human Being"category of the systematic research,through the interpretation andconstruction of the"Mind-nature Theory","Cosmology","Cultivation Theory"relationship of, make the individual life self of the main body of the show all comefrom "Cosmology" ontology " Heavenly Way " namely,and clear the"Nature IsReason",thus purposely for work, make th"eHeavenly Way"reveal, life individual ownthe"Heavenly Way"rise again,discipline to self-discipline,and establishes the topdownand the bottomming up,the ultimate fulfilment of mutual perturbation"Destiny"and"Human Being"way through。"Destiny"and "Human Being" way through the construction of the system developsthe "nature and humanity" universal consciousness,and helps to dig out the universalsignificance of the traditional culture, and help to build a harmonious society, help tothe nations, to create a peaceful and friendly foreign environment, help socialharmonious prosperity lasting development.

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