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A Study of the Weisuo and the Social Development in the Coast of Shandong during Ming Dynasty

Author XueGuangPing
Tutor QuJinLiang
School Ocean University of China
Course Historical Geography
Keywords The System of Weisuo immigration Farming Lingshanwei Societydevelopment
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Weisuo system is an important military system of Ming Dynasty, a key part ofthe Dynasty’s military system. Japanese pirates and Mongol are as the main dangerarea at north border and south coastal defense. The defense system in a certain extentfor border and coastal defense has played a positive role, especially for coastaldefence role and significance. Shandong area is as the guardian of the capital, thecoastal defense critical. Since the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasties, naturalcalamities and man-made misfortunes, resulting in Shandong area population, socialproduction has been severely damaged. The installation of Weisuo in coastal areas andstable social situation at the same time, also promoted the increase of population in acertain extent, the development of production and social progress. For the smoothimplementation of the defense system is closely linked with the system andimmigration policy. The system for ensuring Guardian daily supply and ensure theArmy played an important role; and a large number of immigrants, especially thenorthern Chinese immigration security number of troops and military. At the sametime, come with military families include peasants and craftsmen, a large number ofimmigrants. They not only brought plenty of labor, but also promote the optimizationof coastal social structure, but also enrich the coastal culture. In the saying " under theinfluence, coastal areas of the career mode optimization”. So, to communicate witheach other by who as the center of cluster together and live together,"town",promoted the rise, thereby promoting the development of cultural integration,progress and regional society.The purpose of this research is to study the relationship between set and theregional social development in Shandong coastal Weisuo, prominent coastal Weisuo set for the development of regional society, and combined with the early MingDynasty large-scale immigration and Da system. At the same time, to the west coastof Jiaozhou Bay guardian of Lingshan as an example, tries to see the macro micro,fully demonstrated the Shandong coastal Weisuo settings for regional socialdevelopment contribution. And discuss the related cultural heritage protection anddevelopment of the Wei and Wei Lingshan region culture. In order to enhance thepeople’s awareness of marine, promote the development of marine culture. In theresearch method, this paper is based on the ancient literature, reference-relatedresearch results. Macroscopic, microcosmic, and ultimately to micro see macro,restoring the historical contribution to the development of cognition, the whole coastaldefense system of coastal and regional society. At the same time, I using the relateddata further verify the conclusions, and the use of hypothetical argument to prove. Inaddition, a part of the contents are expressed in form and in the form of a picture,strengthens to the description of the problem.This paper is divided into four parts:The first part: the late Yuan and early Ming Shandong social conditions and thecoastal Weisuo settings. In the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty this background, canbe described as "social condition in Shandong area of the natural calamities andman-made misfortunes" parallel, reducing the number of population, land, thedestruction of social production, turbulent. After the foundation of the Ming Dynasty,by gradually improve the system, social stability, the development of production.Among these, the defense system is to consolidate military defense, maintainingsocial stability. Shandong coastal Weisuo as an important part of Shandong’s coastaldefense system, the Shandong area defense plays an important role in. In Shandong,under the leadership of the government,Haifangdao and Beiwosi division as a guide,through the coastal three camp for coordination, coastal Weisuo as a stronghold, andsupplemented by relevant early warning and defense facilities constitute the wholesystem in Shandong coast. Closely associated with the health the mass migration andthe Da system, bring a lot of labour to coastal areas, but also promote the developmentof the coastal areas of society. The second part: set Lingshan Wei and its system. The Ming Dynasty coastalWeisuo location attaches great importance to the geographical environment factors,therefore, coastal Weisuo geographical position is specially, the strategic defensivevalue is relatively high. In Shandong’s three coastal areas parties, Laizhou’s specialstatus, connecting the eastern coastal and western inland hinterland. At the same time,Laizhou’s southern coast and is key, namely: Jiaozhou area defense is of importantvalue. While the two Wei Jiaozhou region and to the strategic position of LingshanWei is important. Lingshan Wei and Wei two (entity one) setting, interaction, mutualhelp, consolidate the area coastal.The third part: the regional social development of Lingshan Wei’s setting.Weisuo system is based on the immigration policy and the Da system based on acertain extent. Among them, the garrison system is "center","immigration and Da aretwo basic". After the establishment of coastal Weisuo, mass migration and Dareclamation promoted the rapid recovery production, laid the foundation for socialdevelopment. Lingshan Wei set with large immigrants arrived in the area, theincreasing population, immigrants gradually integrated into local society, alsocontribute to the local social development. Especially in military families started thelocal families to promote social progress. With the development of society, theLingshan health region culture has been enriched. The implementation of the systemis to promote agricultural recovery, the rapid development of Lingshan Wei Acropolisand Xiahe nearby production. In addition, the officers and men of Lingshanwei’scontributions made for the development of maritime, additionally the dug of Ma HaoCanal which had done grate contributed.The fourth part: the value and the protection of historical and cultural heritage ofLingshan Wei related. Wei-so system after the Ming and Qing Dynasties, duration offour hundred years, gradually formed its own culture--Wei culture. Wei of the cultureis a kind of military culture is a kind of important social culture, its far-reachingimpact on future generations. While in garrison culture, coastal Weisuo culture hasbecome an independent school. Coastal Weisuo cultural characteristics in additionwith Wei culture has characteristics of marine culture, forming a unique marine garrison culture, has the feature of military, immigration and marine. Lingshan WeiWei Ming Dynasty is an important one of the Shandong coast. Has a long history inthe Ming Dynasty before the Lingshan health region, its history can be traced back tothe spring and autumn and the Warring States era, many historical monuments.However, as time speaking, relatively few of the Ming Dynasty handed down. But,whether it is natural or historical heritage sites, whether it is poetry or local legendswith marine culture, In the process of modernization, to protect these historical wealth,and make reasonable development, for us to develop the ocean, to enhance awarenessof the oceans, spread of marine culture of great significance.The author on the basis of previous studies,"mirror", sum up experience, ofShandong coastal health effects on regional social development set and contribution toLingshan as an example, who make key research. Hope to provide some reference andsuggestions on the development of can for future research and the Lingshan wei.

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