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Discussion on the Experience of CPC’s Youth Work during Yan an Period

Author WuWenYan
Tutor HuYingLan
School Hunan Normal University
Course CPC's history
Keywords Yan an Period Communist Party of China Youth Work Experience Contemporary valu
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Youth are the future of a country and the hope of a nation. Pay close attention to the future, we should pay close attention to the youth. Since the date of birth, the Communist Party of China has always attached great importance to youth groups related to the work. Yan an period was the time during the war of resistance against Japan and the war of liberation which was the toughest strength disparity period. It began when The Red Army completed the long march arrived in Northern Shaanxi, it was soon after the outbreak of the northern China incident, social contradiction complex and interwoven, the youth bear salvaging mission. The Yan an period was also the time when the CPC’s youth work got rapid development, and gradually the mature. During this period, CPC’s youth work advantageous to mobilized the youth to participate in national salvation movement, and constantly promote the development of revolutionary situation.During Yan an Period, CPC S youth work experienced three stages of development from the historical perspective:before the Anti-Japanese War Anti-Japanese, CPC S youth work In order to set up the anti-Japanese national salvation the national united front as the center; during the war of resistance against Japan, CPC’S youth work In order to continue to expand the anti-Japanese national salvation the national united front as the center; during the war of Liberation, a direct contest for the youth between Party and KMT.During Yan an Period, CPC S youth work obtained the result that attract worldwide attention, accumulated a lot of valuable historical experience:We must attach importance to and strengthen the party’s leadership and always firm correct political orientation in the first place; We Must hold a key, to carry out youth work around the central task of the CPC; We must pay attention to the characteristics of youth, represent and reflect the interests and demands of youth; We should cultivate the youth in the struggle of the strong wind and big waves, guide and educate the youth to go with the masses of workers and peasants, etc.Although the Yan an period has already became the past, the time has undergone enormous changes, the historical mission of the contemporary youth has also produced tremendous change, the historical experience of CPC s youth work during Yan an period still has great revelation for the contemporary party youth work. Firstly, the party’s youth work must adhere to Marx theory as the guide; secondly, must hold to with when all is entered, coordination of long-term sex and level sex goal; thirdly, must hold to homeopathic strain, constantly innovate the way and method of youth work; the last but not the least, must adhere to the "always representing the majority of young people, won the majority of youth rely on the majority of youth," as the basic idea. The CPC’s youth work is a complex and system engineering. In particular, enter since twenty-first Century, under the new conditions of the times, the party’s youth work has advantages and challenges at the same time. This requires the CPC’s youth work become more scientific and reasonable, more accord with the times and the new requirements of youth groups.

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