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On the Historical Influence of Immigrant Schools on the Society of Xiang Xiduring the Period of Anti-Japanese War

Author WangChang
Tutor LongXianQiong
School Jishou University
Course Specialized History
Keywords Inland schools the Xiangxi society historical influence
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Social changes during the War of Resistance Against Japan, xiang xi whether it iseconomic, cultural, or educational undertakings have been developed rapidly, and this isclosely related to a large number of moving into with foreign schools. From theperspective of population migration, the general situation in the war period moved towestern Hunan school for a basic inquiry to analyze the direct promotion of foreigninstitutions Xiangxi teaching and educational development as well as make the processof modernization of the whole local community in western Hunan indelible contribution.This article consists of four main sections:Chapter1: Introduction. Select the subject of the cause and object of study isbriefly described, and academic research related to the topic of this paper and study thesituation in a more detailed description of the account of this thesis content, methods,and significance.Chapter2: basic school to move into Western Hunan Province. This chapter beginsby talking about the background of the war period outside the school moved to westernHunan, simple comb War and War on the occasion move into before the school movedto western Hunan human and natural causes. Then discusses the distribution of theschool moved into time and space and moved into the school a few more standardhistory of the migration stage and the salient features of the migration of schools in theWestern territory.Chapter3: The move into the school on the Xiangxi social impact. Move into theschool the most basic is to promote the local education Role in the enhancement of thequality of teachers, the education system, improve the acceleration of the popularizationof education, the balance of male and female enrollment ratios, the growth of the localteachers, without exception, and related. Advanced ideas in the ideological, foreignschools brought an impact on the closed region of western Hunan, patriotic enthusiasmof the rising democracy enhanced awareness of the local Communist Party of thenumber be increased. In social life, watching the drama and enjoy the movies, listeningto patriotic songs, a large number of cultural activities in schools expand greatlyenriched the leisure life of local people. Newspapers and magazines, bookstores, booksto promote patriotism, while expanding the knowledge of the people. In political terms,under the influence of the increasingly serious situation, the Sino-Japanese War andmove into the school at the local big spread patriotism, to some extent, to promote thenumber of the local Communist Party members have a certain increase. A large numberof schools to move into, but also accelerate the penetration of the provincial governmentforces in the region of western Hunan, has shaken the authority of the place. Free tuitionand a variety of life move into the public school subsidies to attract a large number of children out of school to join in the social order, which undoubtedly gave of Xiangxi astable social situation.

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