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The eve of the liberation of Shanghai Communist formulate work study

Author XuBeiBei
Tutor HongXiaoXia
School Shanghai Normal University
Course CPC's history
Keywords Liberation War CPC Shanghai Counterespionage Policyorganization Counterespionage Policy Activities
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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During the liberation war, is the big battle between the two parties of thestrategy period. Shanghai is the cradle of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinaslargest economic and cultural re-port. Its liberation, is the result of the role of thePeoples Liberation Army and the Chinese Communist underground. Liberation ofShanghai in the past, more emphasis on the Battle of the Shanghai Peoples LiberationArmy to carry out that, while not paid much attention to the work of the CPCShanghai underground, there are some missing. This article specifically study thecontribution of CPC Shanghai underground liberation; limited to the length and otherreasons, just from a perspective of the CCPs instigation the work of a study. Theinstigation of the underground Communist Party in Shanghai successfully liberate andtake over, and laid an important foundation; subverted the power of the work, themost significant role to play in this period. Before the liberation of Shanghai, theChinese Communists in Shanghai the instigation organization system and the mainsubversive activities, openly published and compilation of information of the internalprinting system combing the memories of the parties information and research worksand other materials on the eve of the liberation of Shanghai, the Chinese Communiststhe instigation of the underground organization in Shanghai to do a systematic study.Divided into four chapters: the first chapter introduces the research topic,research significance, research status, structure of the paper, the main content. Thesecond chapter of the System Overview in the liberation war the Chinese Communistsin Shanghai in the instigation work organization system, including GuojunDepartment (later renamed the Ministry of enemy work), the instigation of the CPCCentral Committee and the Shanghai Bureau of the Working Committee under theCPC Central Committee, the CPC organization of the Shanghai Municipal PartyCommittee and Shanghai Committee of the other counties. The third chapter of thesubversive activities carried out by the Chinese Communist underground organizationin Shanghai, the main clues to show the instigation of the four aspects of theKuomintang army, government, police, military police spy. The fourth chapter analyzes the Shanghai instigation work reasons for the success of the ChineseCommunist underground organization, as well as carry out subverted the work of thelimitations, and summarizes the characteristics of the work of the CPC Shanghaiinstigation, and summed up the significance of the Chinese Communists subverted thework of the liberation of Shanghai, and objective analysis of the Chinese CommunistParty Shanghai instigation work deficiencies.Combing Annals and theoretical analysis of the subversive activities carriedout by the organizational system of the instigation of the War of Liberation of theChinese Communist underground organization in Shanghai and the eve of theliberation of Shanghai in Shanghai, further enrich, enrich the content of the ShanghaiCommunist Party of the expansion of the Chinese Communist the breadth and depthof the Party, has a certain historical significance, practical significance and academicvalue.

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