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The Archaeological Research on the Civilization Process of Dalian

Author YuHaiMing
Tutor XuZhaoFeng
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Archaeology and Museology
Keywords Dalian area process of civilization
CLC K854
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As the bridgehead of the Northeast Asia, Dalian civilization processplays an important role in the overall process of civilization of northeast ofChina. The archaeological research on the civilization process of Dalian is asystematic study of the elements demonstrated in its archaeological culturefrom the early Neolithic Age to the Bronze Age, focusing on the culture ofXiaoZhuShan (Little Pearl Mountain) during Neolithic Age and that ofShuangTuoZi during the Bronze Age. These two archaeological cultures canbe described as two bright pearls in the process of civilization of the Dalianarea. The elements in the civilizing process of Dalian region include threeaspects. The first one is the economic situation, namely, agriculture, fisheries,animal husbandry, hunting, handicraft, etc. These are the material basis ofsocial division of labor and class. From the prehistory period to the BronzeAge in the Dalian region, they started from scratch, sprouting, flourishingand prospering into a comprehensive industry with a large scale. In short, theeconomic development of Dalian civilization paves the way for Dalian’scivilization process. The second is burial form and its development, that is, the scale of tombs, location, tomb construction, structure arrangement,funerary, etc. which reflect the status differentiation and the polarization ofclass in different stages of society. From Siping Hill Tomb to the TuLongZiStone Tomb, from the late stage of XiaoZhuShan Culture (Little Pearlmountain culture) to the third stage of ShuangTuoZi culture, Stone Tombsare part of the development of civilization of Dalian. The tombs of thisperiod in the Dalian area have unique features, located in general at the ridgeor highland. They are likely to represent a certain natural worship or faith,whose culture is a highlight in the process of civilization. The third is thedevelopment of tribes, including its location, number of tribes, itsconstruction, unearthed cultural relic, etc. From XiaoZhuShan culture(Little Pearl Mountain culture) to ShuangTuoZi culture, the scale of thesettlement of the Dalian region is ever-expanding. Its forms areever-changing as well, reflecting the fact that the population of the Dalianregion is increasing, the social differentiation is accelerating, and culturalprocess is moving forward. On the whole, the constant development andmaturity of these three elements is an important manifestation of the processof civilization in the Dalian area.

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