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Research on yamago Soko Shi Tao theory

Author ZhangXiaoMing
Tutor QiaoYingJie
School Guangxi University
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Hill 's Road on the Academic Bakuhan system Confucianism Zhu Xi Bushido leaves implicit theory
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Yamago Soko is one of the early Edo period in Japan, the cynic soldiers scholars, at the same time he taxi Tao, paleontology and Japanese idealism thought also plays an important role in the history of Japanese thought. Especially yamago Soko Shi Tao theory called the new Bushido theory. Can say, the Japanese Bushido must and yamago Soko Shi Tao theory. Why do you say that, on the one hand, Tokugawa Shogunate to end the strife of the Warring States period, opened up the peace of the Edo period, but "still exists under can" wind between a warrior, this has become a topic of the times the new Tokugawa Shogunate urgent. Yamago Soko Shi Tao on absorption of Confucianism, and the transformation of Zhu Zixue, the samurai behavior towards education and direction, and the ethical order of Confucianism to constrain the Samurai "can" behavior. On the other hand, the samurai itself exists as a combat soldier, under Tokugawa Shogunate's rule, social and economic stability, the warriors lost the value of life and the meaning of existence. Yamago Soko Shi Tao on Samurai "Wu" to "the practice" aspects of self-cultivation, prime bank that Edo Samurai exist significance lies in through the cultivation of their own behavior, improve their self-cultivation, implementation of the "road" consciousness, and become a model for the three people's principles of farming. As a result, provides the basis for the Yamaka Soyukishi Road on both for the warrior existence significance, and the three people's principles by the warrior for example, stabilizing the social order. In Japan was very early scholars to research, theory yamago Soko Shi Tao and, along with the change of time related research development. On the contrary, the Bushido study also remain in the relationship, and militarism influence on modern and Bushido concept level, for the study of Shi Tao yamago Soko is even less. This theory is based on the research in the first, first of all, the existing state of the Tokugawa regime under the topic of the times and the samurai were investigated. The new generated due to solve the "topic of the times under g" and for the peace of environment warrior existence significance can provide the basis of theory -- yamago Soko Shi Tao theory. Secondly, the key research yamago Soko Shi Dao theory "new content", namely Confucianism absorption and transformation of Zhu Xi. Especially around the pre Qin Confucianism as representative of "the Analects of Confucius" and Zhu Zixue's "science" to study the yamago Soko Shi Tao on the "new content". Finally, as the difference between the traditional theory on Bushido, comparing the known as the representative of the new Bushido theory yamago Soko Shi Tao theory and the old Bushido Theory -- "hagakure" Bushido theory of the theory origin, essence, different outlook on life and death and the view of four aspects of revenge. In a word, the theory of systematic study on yamago Soko Shi Tao theory, objective, a comprehensive grasp of Shi Tao theory spiritual essence.

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