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The Immanent Transcendence of Yue

Author YuYue
Tutor ChenZuo
School East China Normal University
Course Chinese Philosophy
Keywords yue(樂) yueji(樂記) The Inherent Transcendence Morality The political cultivation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Yue ji(桀记),a classical book of the Confucianists’ yue culture, is not only a musical aesthetics book, but also a philosophical literature of great importance. However, with many different reasons such as time and the way of inheritance, the exact date of its completion and the real writer of the book cannot be traced back to, and then it has become a controversy arousing many statements. The thesis is based on the arrangement of the existed opinions. From the view of the thesis, the innate character of the yue(桀)is that it contains the Immanent Transcendence which is the opinion of new Confucianists of modern times. The author used a meaning of yue(桀),which is focusing on individuals as well as standing high above the masses, in order to find a specific view of yue(桀)From this perspective, the thesis tends to explore the dimensionality of yue(桀)including the theory of heart and nature in yueji(桀记),the origin and the innate character of yue(桀), and so on.The Immanent Transcendence of yue(桀)is not beyond reach, it should be workable and considerate, and that is the significant dimension. This dimension is achieved by the personal accomplishment of individuals, the political cultivation of yue(桀)and the horizon of world of yue(桀)Firstly, for individual. It uses sheng (声)and yin(音)to distinguish the human being and animals, then to distinguish the junzi(君子) and commoners using yin(音)and ’yue’(桀)How the commoners become the junzi(君子), here relates to question of adult education. Yue ji(桀记)1entions that if one wants to become junzi(君子), it depends on their own practice and external education is also indispensable. What’s more, the process that the commoners become junzi(君子)is changing all the time, it’s the unity of finished and unfinished. Secondly, for the social and political,’yue’(桀)was regarded as one of the means to govern the country in order to reach the Benevolent Society of Confucian. And in political terms, with ’yue’(桀)as the center, the significance of order is the most prominent, the social and political order is similar to the order of heaven(天)and earth(地)Thirdly, for the world. It’s mainly embodied in the’he’(和)There are inherent relationship among ’yue’(桀),heaven(天)and earth(地)

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