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The Impact of Confucianism that Led Lidazhao to Marxism

Author BaiWeiTao
Tutor YanPing
School Xi'an University of Petroleum
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Lidazhao Confucianism Marxism influence
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Lidazhao is a pioneer of Chinese Communist, a great Marxist, an outstanding proletarianrevolutionist, one of the creators of the Communist Party of China. His life with a short38years (1889.10-1927,04),but he made a great contirbution to spread Marxism in China:Lidazhao summairzed the marxism theory system and summarized the significance ofhistorical materialism, he summarized two parts of historical materialism, he emphasised theclass struggle, he alfirmed the progressive of history and ’emphasised revolutions iiinction inhistory process, he afifrmed people are the makers of history, and he expound the relationshipbetween the histoircal view and outlook on life. The Marxism that Lidazhao spread had asignificant difference between the traditional Chinese culture, and Lidazhao himself had aformal education of Confucianism. This paper aims to study the Confucianism influence thatlead Lidazhao to Marxism, than to answer why Marxism can be spread in China, and thispaper also aims to develop Marxism in China and develop traditional Chinese euliure intoday’s China.Lidazhao’s enlightenment education is Confucianism education, he was influenced by theConfiicianist thought to "save the country in fire and water","bilud a new world".Confucianism is the basis education that lead Lidazhao to form the foundation of the worldoutlook and values, and made him to understood and acccpted the theory of Marxism. Thetraditional Confucianism theor"y such as "Minde","Xinmin""and Xingshanlun send him tomove towards the Democracy. The traditional Confucianism theory such as Datong theory,Nationalism, Humanism are similar to Marxism theory, so Lidazhao began to agree theMarxism and finally been a Marxist. Lidazhao compared Confucianism with Western Ideasand found out something that Chinese culture can learned. From Confucianism he also foundthe method to use Marxism for rebuild Chinese culture.The study of the influence from Confucianism that led Lidazhao to be a Marxist tell usthat Marxism and Confucianism has something similar, so that Marxism can be accepted andspread in China, the study also tell us because of Confucianism and Western Ideas havesomething different so that Marxism can be developed in China, and Confucianism also givethe method to developing Marxism in China.

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