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The Study of Huang Zongxi’s Educational Ethics

Author LianXin
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School Northwest Normal University
Course Ethics
Keywords Huang Zongxi thoughts of educational ethics school
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Year 2012
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Huang Zongxi., the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty famous thinker,educator. Huang Zongxi experienced the downfall of the Ming Dynasty and QingDynasty ’s establishment, he has actively participated in the fight against the armmovement, but finally ended in failure. Could struggle after the failure, he startedfrom the ideological and cultural aspects of looking for the downfall of MingDynasty, the Neo-Confucianism is still in the dominant position, with their" holy"(Confucianism learn) is a pulse, i.e. straight bear the orthodox Confucianism ofConfucius and Mencius, the Confucianism is believed to be the country of thestudy, but this being veins idea is not to save the downfall of the Ming Dynasty, sothrough the reflection of Huang Zongxi thought it was" St. school unknown"results. He believed that science education and eight shares to take person systemis separated from the social reality, but is empty, as the feudal autocratic systemservice, he gave a sharp criticism, he advocated the" practical" and pragmaticstyle of study, thinking in education has carried on the profound transformation.Huang Zongxi’s educational thought change to democracy and science as the core.He advocated the education thought, broke the feudal autocratic system ofEducation under the narrowness and despotism, emphasize national has the rightto receive education. He directed a decadent imperial examination system andschool abuses rebirth of social phenomenon, the school education, schoolfunctions, and education content, and puts forward some reform measures.However, education and ethics is the inevitable internal harmony, so educationand ethics are inseparable. Study on educational ethics not only in the field ofeducation in all of the associated ethical issues, education ethics research objectmainly is the school of education, from the Chinese and foreign education ethicsprobe into the study object, we can think of education in ethics is the study of theschool education within a variety of ethical relationship. These relations is notonly related to the teaching of human behavior, but also relates to the schooleducation system, contents, process, method, means and evaluation of educationand other aspects of the rationality. So the educational activities of all the people and things are embodiment of educational ethics. Education activity is a humanactivity, so it and other social fields can not be separated, so the educational ethicsalso on education and other areas of ethical relationship between knowledge.Huang Zongxi ’s thoughts of educational ethics is mainly reflected in the schooleducation and school education reform, such as the" public school", is to" learnyour application."Huang Zongxi ’s thoughts of educational ethics not only on thesocial education has had a great impact on modern school education, but also hasimportant enlightenment.

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