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A Study on Dark Tourism under the Perspective of Reverence for Life

Author ShenXiangYing
Tutor ZhengGenCheng
School Zhejiang University of Finance
Course Ethics
Keywords Dark Tourism Reverence for life Crisis of morals Life education
CLC F590
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the coming of experiencing economy, the living demand of people isdiversification, and tourism gradually becomes an important part of daily life. Astourists’ tendency is for personality and experiencing, the "special tourism" projectswith different features (such as film tourism, arts tourism, religious tourism, etc.)emerge and grow for niche markets, being welcomed by tourists. The “dark tourism”which was studied by some Western scholars since the sixties and seventies of thenineteenth century, is one of the typical forms of the “special tourism”. In theacademic field, many scholars researched the dark tourism with examples intourists’motivation, tourism impacts, tourism difficulty and so on. At the same time,from the practical aspect the development and the evolution of the dark tourism cannot only enrich the types of the tourism products, but also full play the educationalfunction of the negative factors in the history through providing alternative touristexperience. Comparing with the early dark tourism, the modern dark tourism, as away of life experience and potential economic growth point, presents the deficiencyof feeling of reverence and the excessive commercialization in the process ofdevelopment, which makes dark tourism, deviated from the original intention, and thetourists memorial of the past becomes no longer pure.The research methods of this article mainly include the literature analysis,multi-disciplinary integration, the combination of inductive and deductive, the combination of theoretical and empirical research.Firstly, this article summarizes the history of dark tourism, until now, the formand nature of dark tourism has changed. From the sacred journey to the symboltourism, dark tourism should be toward more rational, and significant, however, ithave turned from back on the right track, and appeared all sorts of alienationphenomenon.The second part of the article emphatically analyzes ethics problems of the darktourism and the cause of formation. Based on the analysis, find out that the darktourism needs a new kind of theory or perspective to guide its development, to avoidpossible problems.Third, put forward the reverence for life research perspective. Reverence for lifethought which put natural and ethical natural together, consider attitude of treating lifeas the mark of judging of good and evil has ethical implications. In practice it opposesno thought and egoism. From two aspects of theory and practice proved that the reliefof reverence for life will likely become a correct choice, which is the basic way ofreconstruction of ecological civilization and harmonious home. At the same time, darktourism in the right direction certainly will have the moral wisdom of reverence forlife, to reflect on the existential crisis, in this process, combining with the lifeeducation. This is the final purpose of dark tourism.Finally, integrating with foreign successful cases of the dark tourism, this article analyses the used for reference of the experienced and reflects the existing problems,in order to help people to form a correct understanding of dark tourism, bring thesocial education function into play. At the same time, arouse people to reverence forlife.Reverence for life as an absolute criterion, puts forward the theory and thepractice guidance to solve the ethical anomie problems in the dark tourism activitiesand to avoid excessive commercial and more entertaining, and further improve thecorrect value of life evaluation system.

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