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Studies on Effective Composition from Celastrus Aculeatus Merr

Author DingZongBao
Tutor XieYang
School Southern Medical University,
Course Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords Over mountain maple Total flavonoids Total triterpene Extract Purification process Radical scavenging
CLC R284.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In this paper, for the raw materials to the mountain maple, natural medicine, chemical methods, and its effective part of active research, research: Determination of mountain maple total flavonoids and total triterpenoid content; mountain maple total flavonoids Antioxidant Activity; Mountain maple total triterpene purification process; the polar fractions over mountain maple activity screening. 1 mountain maple total flavonoids extract: Weigh take crushed over mountain maple powder 20g by 1:10 (g/m1) feeding liquid than adding 70% ethanol solution, refluxing extraction 2h, filtered, and the residue above operation is repeated extracted two times (each 1H), the filtrates were combined, and a certain volume to volume with 95% ethanol. 2 Determination of total flavonoids: rutin as standard, using ultraviolet spectrophotometry mountain maple total flavonoids. Rutin 20-60μg/ml within its absorbance was a good linear relationship, the linear regression equation y = 0.0128x-0.0266, R2 = 0.9991. This method is simple, fast, and accurate, and can be used to determine the content of total flavonoids of mountain maple. 3 total flavonoids extract antioxidant research: The results showed that, over mountain maple flavonoids on DPPH radical ABTS radicals, OH radicals with strong scavenging or suppressing effect. In the tested concentration range of the, over mountain maple flavonoids on the three radical scavenging or inhibition showed some dose-effect relationship between efficiency and total flavonoids concentration, total flavonoids concentration when Maple Hill reached 18.15μg/ml 11μg/ml , 18.15μg/ml DPPH ·, ABTS-OH scavenging or inhibition rate reached 87.43%, 85.84% and 92.56%, were higher than the same concentration of Vit C Clear or inhibition rate. Above that mountain maple total flavonoids has strong antioxidant effects. The 4 total triterpenes Determination: oleanolic acid as the color standard, with 5% vanillin - glacial acetic acid, perchloric acid, and sample absorbance measured at 560nm wavelength. The experiments show that oleanolic acid in 21-74μg/ml linear range, a good linear relationship, the regression equation was Y = 56.269x-0.0376, R2 = 0.9977. The method is simple, stable, good reproducibility, and can be used as an effective means of mountain maple medicinal quality monitoring. 5 Total triterpene extract purification process research: 95% of ethanol at the reflux temperature of 70 ° C, the solid-liquid ratio of 1:12 extract 2h, extracted three times, total triterpene content extracted under this condition is 3.8 %. The macroporous resin Mountain maple triterpenoid amount of adsorption and desorption was investigated indicators resin on selection of HPD100HPD400 and AB-8 three models to conduct investigations. The results showed that AB-8 macroporous resin on the adsorption and desorption of mountain maple triterpenoid substances best adsorption flow rate 2ml/min, the adsorption pH 6.0, desorbent 40% ethanol. AB-8 macroporous resin on the total triterpenoid purification of the mountain maple has better reuse performance. Were measured over mountain maple macroporous triterpenoid purity of 78.39%, far higher than before the resin purification purity. 6 Mountain maple polar fractions activity screening: Over the Mountain Feng the different polarities site GSF-A, GSF-B GSF-C and MTX in mouse spleen lymphocytes proliferation and significantly inhibited the rate of inhibition of each drug group with ConA control group were statistically significant (p lt; 0.05); which the most significant parts of the GSF-A lymphocyte proliferation inhibition.

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