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Research of Emergency-oriented Dynamic Visual Labeling

Author ZhangYu
Tutor ZhuZuo
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering
Keywords Emergency Dynamic visual labeling Multi-scale Associated encoding
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Frequent emergencies take a serious threat to the safety of people’s lives and property. Such as earthquakes, snowstorms, floods and other natural disasters, violent incidents and other public safety incidents, SARS, avian influenza, influenza A/N1H1 and other public health events all have far-reaching impact on society. What the decision-making departments have to resolve is to quickly judge the location and surrounding environment of sudden events and rapidly form a rescue plan. In this paper, the location of unexpected events and the scope of the possible impact are presented in the way of dynamic visualization through dynamic visual approach. It is clear, fast and accurate for decision-making departments to grasp the occurrence region and scope of unexpected events and propose the solutions quickly.In this paper, we take multi-scale map as the basic map data and continuous gradient layers as the format of data organization to realize the dynamic conversion from a wide range of main information to the subtle local information. Through the combination of static and dynamic visual variables the emergencies are expressed as dynamic visual labeling with points, lines and areas. So the emergencies are showed vividly, specifically and dynamically in front of people.This paper mainly studies point, line, area dynamic visual labeling with flash, zoom and distortion, the conversion between point dynamic visual labeling and area dynamic visual labeling under the multi-scale map, growth-style line dynamic visual labeling and the dynamic changing effects of area emergencies with deformation.The main results are as follows:1. Using the method of building space associated coding solve the conversion between point dynamic visual labeling and area dynamic visual labeling under the multi-scale map;2. Through JAVA programming realize the dynamic visual changes of emergencies with area-shape;3. Use point-by-point generating algorithm for curve to achieve line dynamic visual labeling with growth-style;4. Using polygon clipping algorithm to cut the part out of the range when the area dynamic labeling beyond the boundaries of the range. 5. Achieve point, line and area dynamic visual labeling.

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