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Study of early family environment characteristics of duty crime

Author PengCongHua
Tutor YeCunChun
School Yunnan Normal University
Course Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords family environment duty criminal Family Environment Scale qualitative research
CLC B849
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Individuals mainly grow up in their family,parents are the first teacher ofchildren,as well as the most important one.Public are increasingly familiar with theinfluence of home environment on individual development.Available researchessuggest that individual’s criminal behavior has close links with their homeenvironment.Research on home environment of the duty criminal will be beneficialto probe and improve the adverse influential factor in their family,reduce theamount of criminal behavior and will do good to further develop a harmoniousfamily and society.This study included two parts, the first was an investigation under the FamilyEnvironment Scale, which choosed117duty criminals from Yunnan province as thesubject to explore the common family environment feature of the duty criminal.Research conclusion are as follows: the Cohesion, Active-RecreationalOrientation and Control in the family of duty criminal are higher than Chinese norm.Compared with the group of duty non-criminal, the score of duty criminal in theirfamilies’ Cohesion, Intellectual-Cultural Orientation, Organization, AchievementOrientation, Active-Recreational Orientation and Control are higher, too. While thescore of Conflict are lower.The second was an interview, we had ten duty criminals totally accepted aninterview and summarized four features in early family environment of the dutycriminal—life material shortage, separation from their parents, deficiency of familyeducation, and the influence of siblings and grandparents or others.The details of these conclusion were showed in three fields: first, family structuralfeature covered that the family size averaged at about seven; nuclear family andstem family were the two primary family types; family itself was relatively intactand stable, duty criminal singly lived with their fathers or mothers in their process ofgrowing up because of the effects of political events; they were often short of lifematerials; their parents mainly were peasants and workers with limited education.Second, family functional feature included parents’ relation that they could face the ticklish problem of survival jointly under the base of living together in peace, but thecommunication between them is deficient; family education that it was devoid ofcontent and its way always appeared as simple and inflexible; and the relationshipbetween parents and their chilren that there was lack of communication from heart toheart since they must focus on having adequate clothing and food. Finally, thebehavioral feature of family member was displayed that they scrupulously abided byfeudal ethics and rites, and the content and way of their behaviors were fairly simpleand rough.

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