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Boxintong Capsule Clinical Observation of the Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease Angina

Author TanZuo
Tutor ZhangJieMei
School Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Atherosclerosis Angina pectoris Boxintong capsules Xiongbitong Michiharu method
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective To observe the clinical efficacy and mechanism of action of the capsule in the treatment of angina pectoris Boxintong provide new ideas for the improvement of the clinical effect of the prevention and treatment of angina pectoris. Diagnosed according to the diagnostic criteria for coronary heart disease, angina, 40 patients were randomly divided into a treatment group and the control group (each consisting of 20 cases), the treatment group be the oral capsule Boxintong control group to be Shexiangbaoxin pill oral a total of twelve weeks of treatment, randomized, parallel to the positive drug controlled clinical study design. After the treatment, the clinical efficacy were compared before and after treatment, 12-channel ECG, blood lipids (6), nitric oxide (NO), plasma superoxide dismutase (SOD), leukocyte interleukin -6 (IL-6) and C-reactive protein (CRP) and other indicators of change. Data, statistical analysis, and evaluation of the validity of the conclusions. Actual results complete Boxintong 19 patients, 11 cases markedly effective in 4 cases, 3 were improved, and 1 case, the total efficiency of 94.736%; Shexiangbaoxin pill group, 18 patients were cured, 9 cases, 5 cases improved in 2 cases, 2 cases, the total effective rate was 88.88%, (three cases excluded due to incomplete data) compared between the two groups was no significant difference in the treatment group and the control group; improve ECG, are valid and the difference is not ; improve blood lipid the Boxintong group was significantly better than the control group, Boxintong group after treatment LDL levels decreased significantly (P lt; 0.05), compared with control group (P lt; 0.05), there are significant differences; treatment group and the control group after treatment, plasma SOD and NO levels were significantly increased, both compared to no significant difference; IL-6 and CRP after treatment level, the two groups were significantly decreased; including IL-6 levels decreased significantly results superior to Shexiangbaoxin pill group (P lt; 0.05). Observe aspects of security, before and after treatment between the two groups showed no significant difference, no significant side effects on the human body. Conclusion Boxintong capsule can significantly improve the symptoms of patients with angina pectoris and in some respects with Shexiangbaoxin pills role equivalent or superior Shexiangbaoxin pill. Increase plasma NO, SOD content; inhibit and reduce the generation of oxygen free radicals; reduce CRP and IL-6 levels, and play the role of confrontation and improve inflammatory response; improve blood lipid levels, especially to lower LDL and raise high density lipoprotein mainly; expansion of coronary and peripheral vascular diameter; new method provides a new drug for the treatment of coronary heart disease, should also permit the scientific Michiharu treatment of coronary heart disease.

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