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Junior High School Boys Gender Roles in the Process of Socialization and the Reasons of These

Author ZhangWenXia
Tutor ChengGang
School Shenyang Normal
Course Mental health education
Keywords Junior high school boys gender role socialization
CLC B844.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Gender role is an important research field of psychology. This study discussesthe gender role concept and behavior, and helps to enrich the research theory ofpsychology. Junior high school students are special. The group of these students isspecial, which is a critical period of the life. The stage of junior high school students`body and psychology develop rapidly, and their self-consciousness also changegreatly. Their abstract thinking gradually dominant and the view of self has changedvery greatly. Junior middle school students, especially the boys, are in half maturestate. They have a feeling of adult, but cannot leave adult guardianship andmanagement. Junior high school students’ gender role socialization develops gradualbut complicated, from the natural person into social recognition process. Gender rolesocialization is one that in certain social environment, through the communicationwith other people learn the current social identity, male or female should have, theappropriate characteristics, attitude, behavior activity process. Erik H Erikssondeclared the junior middle school stage, is to get self-identity, the period of the valuesand outlook on life form and is the main period. This year two education in China putforward to emphasize education gender that topic, Zhengzhou city, Henan province inChina last year a middle school are taking appropriate measures to prevent studentsfrom gender role socialization appear problem, especially the male femininephenomenon has caused intense attention from all stage of life. This study uses thequestionnaire and interview method of combining the to the junior middle school boysgender role socialization the phenomenon, it can be seen that the students theinfluence factors of socialization gender roles, including the family, society, schoolsand individuals. If want to prevent and change the male feminine phenomenon fromthe society, the family is, school and individual of comprehensive, explores and putsforward education teaching advice.The study from junior high school boys`gender role behavior to use gender rolequestionnaire, understand the junior high school boys gender role socialization state,to the junior middle school boys know and regulate their own role behavior, sets up the correct view of gender roles, so as to form is social identity gender role behavior,and promoting the growth of physical and mental health.On the analysis of the literature material, the research uses the questionnaire tostudy.300junior high school boys are choose the research objects, to the junior highschool boys gender role behavior to explore. The results were as follows:1. Junior high school boys have the problems of gender role consciousness andbehavior of deviating from the norm.2. Junior high school boys gender role under the influence of various factors.Junior high school boys gender role and family upbringing, socialization school boysand girls’ proportion and individual self pattern and the gender role view highlyrelevant.3. Junior high school boys gender role by mass media socialization significanteffects. Junior middle school students had higher imitate ability, and have not form thecorrect outlook on life and values, for the society a large amount of information on thescreening of the right to.

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