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The Fusion and Transcending of Art and Religion

Author RenLiPing
Tutor GeSangCiRen; WangKeGang
School Tibet University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Mani wheel form language motif culture blends
CLC B948
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Mani wheel is the typical folk handicrafts and musical instrument used inthe religious worship in Tibet. As a handicraft, it is the part of Tibetan art; and asa musical instrument used in the Buddhism worship, it is the specimen of theresearch on the Tibetan religion. Therefore, the Mani wheel is considered art andreligion as a whole, which is seemed as dual identity. However, as far there is nocomprehensive exploration research result of Mani wheel from the perspectiveof art. For that reason, the writer tried to make efforts in this aspect. The papermainly contains two aspects. Firstly, according to a large number of gatheredtypical picture specimens, started from the art ontology and took the intuitiveexternal form of the Mani wheel as the beginning, the study utilized the methodsof iconology and semiotics to show and summary the art form of the Mani wheelin detail. The study paid attention to the empirical research form the perspectiveof art. Secondly, based on the comprehensive grasp of the formal language ofthe wheel and full absorbing in the research achievements of Buddhism spiritualprinciples, started from the relationship between art and religion, tried to furtherreveal the form language of Mani wheel, the culture meaning contained in it andthe Tibetan compatriots’ aesthetic.The writer think the Mani wheel as the important form of the prayer wheel,its form language and religion has inseparable relations in the Tibet where theTibetan Buddhism prevails. Although the Mani wheel is seen everywhere inTibet, swinging the Mani wheel to turn scripture is also the Tibetan compatriots,daily routine with certain secularism, all these form language such as the shape,material quality, color and veins of decoration and so on, showed the its sanctityand deeply branded with the seal of Tibetan Buddhism.The prosperity Tibetan Buddhism moistens the unique beauty of thehandicraft. The Mani wheel’ art style, which takes the art and religion as a whole,open up a door for people to understand the Tibetan culture.

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