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Moral Teachings of Research in the Early Taoist Classic

Author QuXinYing
Tutor ChangJinCang; DuHongYi
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Specialized History
Keywords Early Taoism ethics supervision
CLC B958
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The Han dynasty, socio-political corruption, moral collapse, and "exclusive"status of the Confucian ethics cannot meet the requirements of the times, comparedwith Confucian indoctrination more deterrent of the theological structure of Taoismmorality and faith came into being.Early Taoist classic doctrine of inclusion of moral aspects involved in manyaspects of social life, first of all in the country’s political ideas on rule of virtue, withpenalties supplemented ethics and punishment and ruling principle advocates winpeople by virtue, monarchs, Ministers, people have raised the moral requirements,require the faithful to abide by. Second on the family that "filial piety" is at the root ofall ethics, advocating "concentric" harmonious family relationship. Raised in personalway of honesty and trustworthiness, respect for teachers and care to students,willingto kindness and loving lend,focusing on accumulation, hardworking and eager tomake such specific moral norms. Early Daoist Scriptures advocated moral factors, theintegration of a large number of Taoist, Confucian, Mohist school and othertraditional cultural enrichment while rich Taoist ethics, formed the scope has thecharacteristics of Taoist ethicsAnd traditional ethics moral itself supervision than up, early Taoism formedseries of means and method strengthening moral specification of implemented, hassystem huge of immortal supervision mechanism, and good evil should of bearingnegative thought, and binding powerful of Taoism commandments, gradually willexternal of behavior specification transformation for inner of moral needs, gods ofsupervision and self-discipline phase combination, makes moral belief became a frominside of inner behavior, on General Taoism believers of daily behavior up with activeto boot, and specification and deterrence role. Government use of moral educationalfunction of Taoism, was originally combined with the peasant uprising ofanti-Government forces form the folk Taoism increasingly accepted by family inupper society, have the support of the GovernmentEarly Taoism classic includes of colorful of ethics moral theory after Wei Jin andNorthern and Southern Dynasties period of full and transformation, feathers graduallyrich, for later Taoism ethics concept of full and full lay has Foundation, promote hassocial ethics moral of development, on upright society, and construction people thought moral produced active of role, is China traditional culture of important part, isa copies on construction socialist spiritual construction can funded reference ofimportant culture resources.

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