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The Research on the Spread of Catholicism in Wuling Mountain Area of Hubei Province

Author HuangMingChang
Tutor LiuLunWen
School Hubei Institute for Nationalities
Course Ethnology
Keywords Catholicism Wuling MountainArea of Hu Bei Province Spread
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Catholicism has a wide and far influence in China,which has been confirmed by a lot ofhistorical,cultural and religious research. The studies about the spread of Catholicism inChina has been carrying by the spread of the whole processes, but about the research inWuling Mountain area of Hu Bei province, there is no specialized writings or articles.Catholicism has been spread in Wuling Mountain area of Hu Bei province for a long time,what’s more, it has a large scale too. Historically, Chang Yang in Yi Chang and Li Chuan inEn Shi are the center of the transmission of Catholicism, it plays an important role in thehistory. Although some scholars have described the spread of Catholic in Li Chuan, there isnot enough systemic and thorough. The author will make a further research about the wholespread of Catholicism in Wuling Mountain area of Hu Bei province,which will base thewhole process on an anthropological perspective and focus on the awareness of thephenomenon as soon as possible and tries to reflect the objective reality of theresearch.Therefore, the research method will be mainly based on the historical approach ofthe Baos, combined with related literature, data, local Chronicles, archives, sometimes wewill add some necessary oral history to support it, even some field research. Combining thechurch documents with the local Chronicles records,we will do some further discussion andresearch about the spread of Catholicism,including the background of the spread,the processof the spread and the characteristics of the spread in Wuling Mountain area of Hu Beiprovince. Our ultimate aim is to learn from history,and run the reality better.From the17th century to the18th century,Catholicism was introduced into Wulingmountainous region in Hu Bei province. By the18th century to the19th century,there havebeen formed two spreading centers in Chang Yang county of Yi Chang and Li Chuan countyof En Shi. In the mid-late20th century,the Catholic faith ever faced a huge test. But after thereform and opening,religious activities have been recovering gradually. Up to now,there stillkeeps the tradition of the Catholic faith in many places.This article consists of seven parts. The first part is a simple introduction to the researchobject of this article, and overview of theory and exploration. The second part tries to clarifythe history of the spread of Catholicism in Wuling Mountain area of Hu Bei province. Thethird part is about the spread of Catholicism in Wuling Mountain area of Hu Bei province inQing Dynasty. The fourth part make a further description about both the progresses and someobstacles of Catholicism during the period of the Republic of China. The fifth part described the spread of stagnation and recovery after the founding of new China. The sixth part isanalysis on the characteristic and the communication channels of the spreading of Catholicism.The seventh part look back on the whole course, summarizing the experience and prospectingthe development of Catholicism in the future.

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