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The establishment of Christianity and American constitution principle of religious freedom

Author WangYiXue
Tutor GuWeiMin
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Religious Studies
Keywords Christianity Puritanism Covenant theology the Constitution of theUnited States
CLC B978
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The first amendment to the Constitution of the United States established theprinciple of freedom of religion. The establishment of this principle is is connectedwith the development of Christianity in the United States, especially its earlydevelopment. This paper reviews the early development of Christianity in the UnitedStates and explore how r Christianity led to the establishment of the principle offreedom of religion on the Constitution of the United States.It is difficult for the various sects of Christianity to rely on the home countryssupport for large development in its development process in the North Americancolonies. And because of vast colonies it is easy to open up a base in a colony in caseof persecution of Christians.Within the colonies, the economic development needs toattract labor, it is unwise to adhere to the strict religious beliefs of a sect. Althoughthe official church was established during the colonial period, this situation is verydifficult to maintain. Due to the existence of these factors, the North Americancolonies became a testing ground for the coexistence of a variety of denominationsof Christianity. Religious freedom is gradually formed in the religious practice of theBritish North American colonies. On the other hand, during the colonial period, thereligious freedom of thought from Puritanism developed continuously. In theeighteenth century, Locke,whose thoutht was full of rational spirit of freedom ofreligion, was introduced to the North American colonies. Facing diversedenominations pattern, affected by the ideas of religious freedom, the foundingfathers of the United States made the principle of religious freedom eventuallyestablished in the United States,first by the State Constitution, then the Declarationof Independence, and finally by the First Amendment of the Federal Constitution in1791,.Whether the formation of diverse sects pattern, the constitutional history of thedevelopment of the ideas of freedom of religion, or the process of establishing ofreligious freedom in the constitution is permeated with a Christian background.Christian played a huge role in the promotion of the religious freedom in the United States.

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