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On the dimension and the suffering of love value -C.S. Lewis love and suffering thought

Author ChenZuo
Tutor XieZhiBin
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Religious Studies
Keywords Christianity C.S.Lewis Love Pain Suffering
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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C.S.Lewis,the children fiction literary giants of the twentieth century,and he isthe extraordinary apologetics writer also. While more and more people graduallyknow and fond his works is the study scarcity on C.S.Lewis in the university of ourcountry.The apologetics works of C.S.Lewis are endowed with the capacity to reasonand profound. C.S.Lewis completed the hard exploration on the issue about Love andPain under the Christianity. His exploration was systematical and abounding and havelots of deep insight can benefit modern readers much. It’s hard to understand allC.S.Lewis said since his apologetics works full of all kinds of literary skills. For findingout the general lines of his exploration about Love and Pain systematical study havedone in this paper. The research route is as follow. First, study the apologetics worksby C.S.Lewis such as The Problem of Pain and Four Loves and drew the outline of hisview about Love and Pain. Secondly, comparing his opinion on this two issue to othertheologies. Lastly, further study his view according the result above. Unlike classictheologies, C.S.Lewis always probe into the Love and Pain as a layman not as anapologetics and he deal with this two issue to modern practical life not just talkabout it theologically or academically. C.S.Lewis mainly explored the four Lovesbetween human such as Affection, Eros, Friendship, Charity. The Charity whatC.S.Lewis talking about is different to the other human loves. To some extent, thiskind of love of human that C.S.Lewis explore is not just natural love but theCharity.Actally it is the Agape the Love without any condition. In general, the viewabout Love of C.S.Lewis is reasonable and opposite and under the tradition ofChristianity. The suffering experience full of his life and came through those painC.S.Lewis wrote two books on this issue. The first one is The Problem of Pain in histhirties, the other book is A Grief Observed printed before he past away2years. Hisstudy on Pain not only theoretically but also practical. In a word, C.S.Lewis’s view onPain still is under the tradition of orthodox Christianity. The apologetics works ofC.S.Lewis got many fans whatever belong to which kind of branch in Christianity.C.S.Lewis try to discuss Pain from many perspective such as free will, the independence of nature, the cause of suffer and the value of pain. But in general hisview on Pain still refer to the tradition opinion of Christianity,“Suffer can completehuman”.According to his exploration on this two issue could find some connectionbetween Love and Pain that is probably pain must happen when love happen. Theessential cause in Christianity is that human is be-created and degenerated.

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