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On Lenin Peace Ideology and Its Significance

Author LiuWei
Tutor LiAiHua
School Shandong Normal University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Lenin Peace War Peaceful co-existence
CLC A821
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Peace is the eternal theme of humanity.Peace is a prerequisite of human survival, but alsoan important guarantee for the smooth development of human society.However, since the war islike a nightmare, has been wrapped in the process of development of human history.It destroyedthe achievements of civilization created by men, and plunged the world into a huge disaster.Eventoday, the globalization of the world the rapid development of local economic and cultural tiesare getting closer to the people of the world are looking forward to peace and development in thecontext .for various reasons, the war factor is still active on the world stage.Region of theArabian Peninsula turbulence constantly African countries years of war, rampant terrorism, theproliferation of weapons of mass destruction is still more than the uncertain future of globalnuclear disarmament, and so on.These are serious threats to peace and development to the peopleof the world.In this historical backdrop, how to get rid of war, to lead the people of the worldtoward peace has become the major historical issues of Marxism researchers.Lenin,as anexcellent 20th century the inheritance and development of Marxism,used othe scientific worldoutlook and methodology of Marxism,and made scientific analysis on the situation in the early20th century era,he opened mind and proposed their own insights to the problems of peace.Ouranalysis of Lenin the concept of peace is of great significance for our research and explore theworld peace and development trends and road.I mainly from four aspects of the Lenin Peace ideological analysis.Starting from the late19th century early 20th century described the development of imperialism and revolutionarypredecessors, the problem of world peace and war,Actively exploring the historical backgroundand theoretical basis of the Lenin Peace thinking, so that the Lenin Peace ideological imperialistanalysis examines the historical conditions of the development of the world proletariat and thenational liberation movement and the revolutionary predecessors theory, in the specificanalysison the basis, it has profound historical background and a solid theoretical foundation.Thesecond part is mainly of Lenin and ideas.Lenin believed that peace is the important condition forthe survival and development of human society.Depending on the class interests, peace points ofthe different nature of imperialist peace is temporary, unstable peace.Only peace of socialism isthe real, eternal peace.As a result, he appealed to us to correctly deal with two different forms of peace. On this basis, Lenin, the proletariat of the world and the vast majority of working peoplehow to seek a peaceful overthrow of the imperialist countries were actively explored:mobilizingand organizing the masses against the war, the proletarian revolution to establish a socialistcountry.He put theory into practice and achieved a great victory. The view of peace is not a rigid,dogmatic, and continue to develop along with the development.Early 20th century, the worldsituation into a period of peaceful coexistence between socialism and capitalism can Leninkeenly aware of this shift, and to seize this issue, noting that in the context of a new era of worldpeace the road of peaceful coexistence to go socialist and capitalist countries, stating the specificcontent of peaceful coexistence between socialism and capitalism, and a wide range of practiceand achieved positive results.The third part is to analyze and summarize the principles embodiedin the Lenin Peace thinking. This is an important reference for our current relations withcapitalist countries.The fourth part focuses on the thinking of the great significance of the LeninPeace.From two perspectives on the significance of the Lenin Peace thinking.Firstly, thetheoretical point of view, the Lenin Peace idea is to enrich and develop the theory of Marxismpeace, of great significance for our the Marxism peace theory;Practical point of view, the LeninPeace thought for our socialist country in today so complex and volatile international communityto fight the external environment for the benefit of socialist modernization and the maintenanceof international order has important practical guiding significance.Therefore, the strengtheningof Lenin the concept of peace is necessary in the current world situation.To build socialism withChinese characteristics, the path of harmonious development of the world, should intensifyresearch on the ideas of Lenin Peace and theoretical exploration of Marxist theory the concept ofpeace and construction.

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