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Study on Ruling Thought of Mao Zedong in the Yan’an Period

Author ZhangChuanLong
Tutor JiangHuaiZhong
School Henan University
Course CPC's history
Keywords The Yan ’an period MAO Zedong Ruling ideology
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The Yan ’an period is the history of the communist party of China is crucial period of history. During this period, the party from the youth party has developed into anationwide mass character of marxist political party; During this period, the party ledthe people to realize the double win national revolution and democratic revolution; During this period, the ruling practice of the communist party of China, makes the Yan’an and the Yan ’an border region with political democracy, economic freedom andcultural prosperity, people is famous in the world to live and work in peace andcontentment; During this period, MAO Zedong in partial ruling of rich theory and successful practice, promoted the new democratic revolution victory.The Yan ’an period, MAO Zedong put forward many important discourse and practice, contains and reflects the ruling ideas of MAO Zedong is extremely rich and profound original. Political democracy dictatorship is the party’s ruling foundation, relyingon people’s democracy, to build efficient and clean government, to make great effortsin exploring democratic new road; Economically, and puts forward the new democratic economic policies, and creative campaigns to implementing the "economic development and ensure the supply of total target, to the victory of new-democratic revolutionlaid a solid material foundation; Culture to break the bondage of traditional culture and western culture, the construction of the new national, scientific and popular culture,laid the foundation for the development of Chinese advanced culture direction, for thedevelopment and prosperity of socialist culture provides the beneficial reference; On social construction, vigorously improve the livelihood of the people, improve people’s living standard, the development of medical and health undertakings, safeguard people’shealth, the establishment of a social security system and building welfare facilities forthe elderly, groups, their social construction practice, breadth, depth, and the range ofcontent, etc., which laid a foundation for social construction after the founding of new China; On the party’s construction, MAO Zedong elevate serving the people wholeheartedly for the purpose of the party’s ruling, vigorously advocate the sinicization ofmarxism, constantly deepen the theory and practice, has successfully built a mature combat-worthy party ofmarxism.The Yan ’an period, the basic content of MAO Zedong’s thinking on the ruling, i s still the basic principles of the ruling of the communist party of China, guiding theparty’s ruling practice, under the new historical conditions more highlight its theory value and the strategic vision of MAO Zedong. Its main performance is: pay attentionto the economic development is the communist party of China’s top priority in governing and rejuvenating the country; Development of democratic politics is the only wayfor the communist party of China leads out of the historical periodicity; To strengthenthe construction of culture is the spirit of the Chinese communist party in governingand rejuvenating the country cornerstone; The all-round social development is the inevitable requirement of building a harmonious socialist society; To strengthen the party’s construction is the key of the Chinese communist party in governing and rejuvenating the country. Study and research of yan ’an period MAO zedong ruling thought, summarizing some experience and absorbing the yan ’an period in power, to improve in the new period our party’s ruling ability, consolidate the ruling position has important reference significance and enlightenment.

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