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Research on the theory and practice of Deng Xiaoping's modernization of culture

Author WangJing
Tutor LiZhaoXiang
School Qufu Normal University
Keywords Dengxiaoping Culture Modernization Culture modernize Spiritual civilization
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In a word,culture is to use literary to educate people, make the value of modernideology in the visualization, and affect the behavior of people. Modernization is ancontinued process of structural change, and is a comprehensive change process,including culture. A country’s modernization is culture modernization firstly.Modernization is implemented in the sublation of traditional cultural activities,spiritual pursuit of material production and the process of transformation to a modernlifestyle. The process of cultural construction in our county has experienced tortuousprocess, but eventually, Deng Xiaoping leads the culture to the modern road.From the1975Deng Xiaoping’s routine work to1977the central recovery of DengXiao-ping’s duties,during this period,he put the knowledge and talent, technology andeducation associated with the four modernizations, his culture modernization theoryinitially revealed the bud. In May1978, discussion of the practice is the sole criterionfor testing truth, broke through the restricted area of Chinese thought, and become aprelude to the Liberation Movement of the contemporary Chinese thought. After thethird plenary session, China puts more priorities to economic construction.and goes onto outline of economic paradigm of the culture, formation of Deng Xiaoping’smodernization theory. And with the strategic status of the construction of spiritualcivilization and the southern tour talk, which further mature and develop.In order to realize "the four modernizations" dream, Deng put forward to developthe productive forces and pay more attention to science, technology and education. Thekey to the goal is the modernization of science and technology,his education and theprosperity of the country as a whole joined together, technology and education formthe main contents of Deng Xiaoping’s modernization theory.Under the direction ofmodernization theory and his culture, science and technology, education in China hasmade significant breakthroughs.Deng Xiao-ping’s specially emphasizes the construction of socialist spiritualcivilization, attaching equal importance to both material and spiritual civilization, andattaching equal importance to both.Both coordination in hand is the socialism withChinese characteristics.Deng Xiaoping has always attached importance to the position and role ofintellectuals, he will cultivate "four new" as the fundamental task of Socialist culturewith Chinese characteristics, and his development as a fundamental task of the culturaldevelopment of the people. Deng Xiaoping’s inheritance and development of MaoZe-Dong’s thought of culture, in literature and art to uphold the "all flowers blossom" “double hundred policy” and "culture servse the people and socialism", and in light ofthe new situation of upholding the four cardinal principles. These will form the maincontents of Deng Xiaoping’s modernization theory.Deng Xiao-ping’s thought of cultural modernization is a valuable property in thehistory of Chinese culture, it promoted the process of cultural modernization in China,as has pointed out the direction of cultural construction in China, laid the theoreticalbasis for modernization of Chinese culture. Culture at modern times should follow thelaw inherent in the culture, maintain the relative independence of culture, culture oneconomic, political, played a positive role in making culture a powerful driving forcefor the entire modernization, implementation of cultural modernization in our country.

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