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Research of Yan’an Period of Mao Zedong Democratic Thought and Its Contemporary Enlightenment

Author WangFei
Tutor LiChaoXiu
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Marxist theory
Keywords democracy Mao Zedong Yan ’an period
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In recent years, with the deepening of reform and opening up, strengthen theconstruction of socialist democratic politics, the construction of socialist politicalcivilization is the important task of our party facing. During Yan ’an period, MaoZedong combine Marxist universal truth with the concrete practice of Chineserevolution, formed a system of democratic thought, through the construction ofanti-Japanese democratic political power, promotion of democracy, so as to ensure thevictory of the Anti-Japanese War, growth and development of the Communist Party ofChina. This period of the democratic regime construction was agreed that the historyof the communist party of democratic regime construction of one of the successfulmodel. This article attempts through to analyze the Yan ’an period Mao Zedongdemocratic thought and democratic political construction experience, and discusses itsenlightenment for the construction of socialist democratic politics. This articlealtogether is divided into five parts.This article explicitly expounds the background and significance of the study, thesystem combed the research institute’s main achievements, academic subject atpresent and the research of "the Yan ’an period","democracy" and "Chinese dream"main concepts defined. Is adopted in this paper, based on the historical study methodand literature research to the Yan ’an period Mao Zedong democratic principles anddemocratic construction theory has carried on the thorough analysis. The authorargued that Mao Zedong thought of democratic principles embodied in people’sdemocracy is the essence of democracy, the mass line is the way of democracy,democratic centralism is the principle of democratic organization and activities ofthese three aspects. Mao Zedong thought about the construction of democracy inaccording to the national conditions and historical changes in the establishment of ademocratic regime, adjust measures to local conditions for democratic construction,the system is effective condition of democratic construction, supervision is thepowerful safeguard for the construction of democracy this four aspects. According tothe theory research results, in this paper, the feasibility of using the experience of Yan ’an period democratic construction are analyzed. The author uses the comparisonanalytic method, the Yan ’an period after democratic construction comparing withcontemporary democratic construction, found that the two periods on democracycognition of the communist party of China is in line and keep pace with The Times.,referring to the communist party’s understanding of democracy and democraticconstruction of similar means; Keep pace with The Times, refer to the status of thecommunist party, facing the historic task and democratic construction conditionschanged. Democratic construction at the same time Yan ’an period is the theoreticalorigin of contemporary democratic construction, provides a reference for thecontemporary democratic construction.On the basis of above research results, this paper discusses the Yan ’an periodMao Zedong democratic thought enlightenment for the construction of socialistdemocratic politics. In this paper, shall conform to the national conditions of newdemocracy, democracy is the foundation of the realization of the "China dream",democracy is the effective measure to build efficient clean government, democracy isthe best way to jump out of the "historical periodic law", democracy is the inherentrequirement of building a service-oriented government. Implementation of theserecommendations, in the new period development socialist democracy and buildingsocialist political civilization will play a good role in promoting.

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