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The Contemporary Value of Practice of Land Reform in the Period of Liberation War

Author LiuWei
Tutor ChenFaShui
School Liaoning University
Course CPC's history
Keywords The Period of Liberation War Communist Party of China Land Policy
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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War of liberation, the communist party of China land reform has experienced acontinuous change process.This article mainly from the war of liberation period liberatedareas land reform movement were discussed, because at that time at home and abroad ofthe special period, the working people’s desire for peace, and to the land reform is filledwith hope. Therefore, the communist party of China has always attached greatimportance to the land reform, because China is a large agricultural nation, and thefarmers are the main force of the Chinese revolution victory, they decided to the successor failure of the Chinese revolution. The promulgation of the land reform policies, causesthe farmer to get the land, get rid of the shackles of the feudal society for our countrymodern construction of new rural development provides a reference and historicalexperience.This paper mainly from three aspects the test the war of liberation of the liberatedareas of land reform policies.The first part, this paper discusses the war of liberation of the liberated areas of landreform in historical background。From the victory of the Anti-Japanese War periodfarmers’ land faces severe challenges at home and abroad and class struggle status and soon several aspects of this. From the point of view of farmers, farmers in feudal capitalismhave long-term oppression, peasants to the land full of desire. And the communist partyof China land reform policy broke the landlord class for working people’s bound, itsatisfies the needs of the people, make the working people from become masters of thecountry. In addition, when the domestic situation is very severe, the kuomintang and thecommunist party a sharp rise in the contradiction between。But the communist party ofChina whether in military equipment, or in the capital and other areas are at adisadvantage。If you want to get the farmers’ support and support, must meet the farmers’land requirements。In such conditions, the May4th movement indicator was born。TheMay4th movement instructions in the liberated areas in the process of implementation,and achieved remarkable achievement, but at the same time, left errors also rapidly。The second part, this paper discusses the war of liberation period of land reform inteaching and historical significance。December meeting and later through a series of documents, correct the mistakes in the land reform left, make the land reform on the righttrack。In April1948, in JinSui cadre conference speech, MAO zedong system proposedthe land reform general line。Land reform general line and a series of policies proposedthat marks the MAO zedong thought of farmers’ land fully mature, but also for futureland reform to provide the correct pointer。Fourth, in this part, Discusses the liberation war on the historical experience of landpolicy, this period, the rich experience of the current rural land policy. Regarding thehistoric experiences, to meet the farmers’ interests is the starting point for the CPC tomake land policy; correct land policy is the key point to win the land reform. Therefore,it comes up with the following three inspirations: the formulation and implementation ofland policy should be beneficial to development of the situation and practical needs; theformulation and implementation of land policy should liberate and improve theAgricultural productivity; the formulation and implementation of land policy should bebeneficial to arouse the farmers’ initiative.

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