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The Communist Party of China disintegrating the enemy forces during the war of Liberation

Author DongGuiMan
Tutor WangShuYin
School Capital Normal University
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords the period of Liberation War Chinese Communist Party collapse Chinesekuomintang army
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The communist party of China political work basic principle has three:unity between officers and men, soldiers and civilians in consistent, the disintegration of the enemy and preferential policy of prisoners. Removing the enemy by political means is an important political principle for our party, chairman MAO zedong said:"our victory not only depend on our military operations but also upon the disintegration of the enemy troops," Therefore, it’s an important thing for our party to collapse the enemy.The import means to collapsing the enemy is a key to the the victory over the enemy. From the political, we should sway the enemy soldier’s morale, for the collapse and political fight for work. We also should make clever use of psychological tactics and combine with the military struggle to destroy the enemy’s fighting capacity. It is the important assistance to military attack. During the war of liberation, the Chinese people’s liberation army shows a great disparity in military strength comparing with the Kuomintang army. What’s more, the Kuomintang army had accepted the military aid from the United States by a large number while we had not. This makes it a great difficulty for our military force alone to defeat the Kuomintang troops. Therefore the mobilization all kinds of power and the disintegration of the enemy work through various forms have become a necessity.At the same time, the internal corruption and internal contradictions in Kuomintang army, the deepening of our political advantage, our rich experience in the work of the disintegration of the enemy and the constant change of power, all these provided favorable conditions for our work to the disintegration of the enemy. These made our party and army keep sympathy or neutral through the collapse work to the Kuomintang army, and then made it as a possibility to obtain the victory of the war.The disintegration of the communist party of China and the work of the people’s liberation army military work on the battlefield cooperate closely, for the victory of the war of liberation made an important contribution. A large number of the disintegration of the enemy and effective not only greatly eliminate the kuomintang army combat effectiveness, shorten the war time, accelerated the process of victory in the war, but also contributed to a large number of the kuomintang officers uprising, many cities peaceful liberation.It effectively reduces the loss of war, to protect the people’s life and property, is of great historical significance.The disintegration of the work to improve our weapons and equipment, for the development of new China military power reserve talented person, has accumulated rich experience, the disintegration of the enemy has great practical value. Based on dialectical materialism and historical materialism as a guide, during the war of liberation of the communist party of China, the paper discusses the disintegration of the enemy work to deepen our understanding of the liberation war history of the communist party of China and the disintegration of the enemy and political work of the research.

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