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On the Historical Evolution of the CPC’s Theories on Principal Contradiction in Society

Author ZhaoXiangJu
Tutor HouDeQuan
School Hunan University
Course CPC's history
Keywords CPC Theories on Principal Contradiction in Society HistoricalEvolution Enlightenment
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The theories on principal contradiction in society are the generalization of thecorrect understanding about the principal contradiction in certain society that found inthe practice of revolution, development and reform on the basis of the basic principlesof Marxism-Leninism by CPC, which involve the correct views about the principalcontradiction in different kinds of societies and their concrete representations since1840, and the strategy thoughts to resolve the principal contradiction in society.Practice has proved, that a correct understanding of the different historical stages ofsocial principal contradiction and solution is great significance to CPC to guide therevolution and construction. With the rapid development of our economy and society,academia and the community from time to time questioned to the main contradictionsocial thesis of CPC in this stage. In order to respond to and answer these questions,and promote people have a correct understanding of the theories on principalcontradiction in society. This paper was studied the generated and historical evolutionof this theory, and on this basis, some inspiration and thinking.This thesis system summarized in various historical periods of principalcontradiction in society and solutions’ the theory of CPC on the basis of previousresearch. Including the period of democratic revolution, transition period and socialistexploration and since the reform and opening in the early period when three socialprincipal contradictions of theory of the communist party of China the formingcondition, basic contents, historical significance, Chinese marxism in the theoreticalsystem of the position, and the inner relationship between the three historicalevolution and logic. The article is a preliminary to explore the ideological origins ofthis theory that the principal contradiction in society of this concept was firstoriginated in the Soviet Union, Mao Zedong and CPC to learn from and develop theconcept and theorized. Principal contradiction in society between the theory ofevolution process of the transition period, the paper argues that the former SovietUnion transition and main conflicting views have a major impact on CPC. The articlealso discussed the process of the CPC at the present stage of social developmentadhering to the principal contradiction theory, that should adhere to the judgment ofCPC at the present stage the major social contradictions, should deepen theunderstanding and awareness of this assertion, and the development of this a theory. Finally, we believe that the Principal contradiction in society between the theory ofCPC’s important methodology for the accurate understanding and advancing with thetimes, and must accurately grasp the critical point of this stage of social change in theprincipal contradiction.

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